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Jul 31, 2013 10:42 AM

Yes, I haven't eaten there yet(and hopefully never).

I am almost proud to brag that I haven't been to following chains restaurants:
Pizza Hut
White castle
Apple bee's
Jamba juice
Papa John's
Red lobster

IHOP- twice
Olive Garden- once
Outback steakhouse-once
Burger King- three times

Yes, I have been to buy their amazing ice cream sundae.

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  1. I have to say that you have to at least try White castle. Make sure it is about 2 AM to get the full effect

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    1. re: jefpen2

      Maybe that was it... I wasn't drunk enough!

      I'd heard the White Castle Hype for years, but had never been anywhere where there was actually a store. Then I spent a week in Columbus, Ohio on business. Someone in our group almost wet himself he was so excited there was a White Castle down the street, and dragged a bunch of us down there. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. I thought the food pretty much sucked, even for a chain. Since then, I've never had the desire to stop in at one, much less seek one out.

      1. re: al b. darned

        It does suck, but it sucks in a very specific way, that makes you luuuurrrve it. Hard to explain.

    2. Not sure what response this thread is you want us to champion one of the chains listed, or to say "Good for you!" or to join in the chain bashing? No snark, genuine confusion.

      I visit my local coffee chain every single day. Sometimes three times a day even.

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      1. re: pinehurst

        I am not looking for any particular responses. One of the threads i was looking at earlier made me think of the list.

          1. I've never been to Per Se.
            I do have fond memories of 3 AM sack of Whit Castle 13 cent burgers. There may have been beer or something more potent involved. This was in the mid 60's!!

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            1. re: Motosport

              I've never been to Per Se either or TFL.

              1. re: c oliver

                What's TFL?
                ETA: Never mind, already answered below.

              2. re: Motosport

                I haven't been to Per Se, TFL, EMP or White Castle!

                1. re: prima

                  You cannot say you have lived a complete life until you have eaten at White Castle.

                  It is a little known fact, it is illegal for someone to state in a eulogy that someone has led a "full" life if in fact the deceased had never eaten a White Castle Burger.

                  Don't risk your eulogy, your legacy of life! You HAVE TO try White Castle at least once.

                  It's also a little known internet fact, when some writes or responds to you in all cap's, like above "HAVE TO", then you in fact are legally bound to do it. So now you have 2 reasons!

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Ok, I promise, next time I'm in Manhattan, I'm heading to 8th Ave for White Castle!

                    Love this scene in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

                    1. re: prima

                      I love every scene in that movie! Here's another that may tempt you further.

                  2. re: prima

                    What's TFL? I must have slept thru that CH class.
                    I've never been to Le Cirque but the owner just stopped in to pay his bill. HAH!!

                    1. re: Motosport

                      The French Laundry. :)

                      Does anyone know how many times I could eat at White Castle for the price of one dinner at TFL?

                      1. re: prima

                        White Castle for life!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I know what it is I can say I've never been to TFL.
                        I have gotten the "Depression special" at Papaya King!! Or is it the inflation special at Gray's Papaya?

                        1. re: Motosport

                          Ya know, now that you mention it, I've never been to Papaya King or Gray's Papaya. I really gotta get out more when I visit the Big Apple. I did take the subway to Coney Island to try Nathan's Famous in situ.

                          I forgot to mention, I've also tried all sorts of Ray's... Famous Ray's, Original Ray's, Famous Original Ray's...

                          1. re: prima

                            The Famous One and Only Original Best First Ray's!!!!!
                            A Nathan's dog, French Fries and root beer on the boardwalk at Coney Island, PRICELESS!

                      2. re: Motosport

                        I miss Le Crique when it was located in the New York Palace. That dining room was exquisite and so was Le Cirque. Not that I needed another reason to stay at the Palace, but it was the perfect compliment to the opulence of that hotel.

                        I haven't been to the new location but I watched a HBO show about the opening of it. From the looks of the show it was now a modern/contemporary type dining room, I'll prefer to hold onto the memories of the Le Cirque I enjoyed in the past.

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          Le Cirque now has 3 venues in NYC and 3 in Las Vegas. Enough already!!

                          1. re: Motosport

                            So I guess it can qualify as a chain then?

                            1. re: NonnieMuss

                              Right there with all of Batali's venues.

                            2. re: Motosport

                              Wha-a-a-at???? 3 in the City? Holy crap! Even more reason to hold on to my memories. Now that you mention it I do remember hearing about Vegas. Wow.

                          1. re: Shrinkrap

                            Eleven Madison Park, I have not been there but I hear it is amazing.

                            1. re: Motosport

                              Ah! I assume New York? Grew up there, and did White Castle after ballet.Needless to say, I did not become a ballerina. I am in N Cal now, and by the way HAVE been to TLF! I prefer Ad hoc.

                              1. re: Motosport

                                I liked EMP better before they got silly with the whole experience thing. I really don't need magic tricks with dinner. Food is outstanding though. Its sort of a mini-chain since they opened NoMad.

                        2. I don't understand. How can you judge these places as bad if you have never eaten at them. I am proud to say I have eaten at all of them but Jamba Juice. If I come across a Jamba Juice, I will be trying it. I will try anything!

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                          1. re: wadejay26

                            Trust me, I have tried a lot of different kinds of food...but I know for sure that these chain restaurants are not on my list.

                            1. re: Monica

                              To each her own. I can't imagine having an occasional White Castle burger though I'd prefer Krystal if I could have it/them.

                            2. re: wadejay26

                              JJ is perfect after you have your braces tightened during lunch and your mom is taking you back to school.