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Jul 31, 2013 10:39 AM

Is there a store who delivers fridge for free in Vancouver?

This site is great with wonderful and helpful people. I'm wondering if it's appropriate to ask questions in my first post. I am looking to buy a Frigidaire refrigerator in Vancouver East and I'm wondering is there a store that offers free delivery and installation? Well again, please delete my post if you don't think it's suitable for here. Thanks.

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  1. My cousin bought a Samsung fridge from Trail Appliances (closest one to you would be Renfrew/Grandview Hwy store) two months ago and she had it delivered/installed for free. However that doesn't mean they deliver all appliances free, maybe she negotiated it in her deal. Best to call and ask. They carry Frigidaires and a gazillion other brands.

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      Thanks for the heads up! I realize that delivery, hook up and disposal of old appliances are generally done by contractors, not the store. I checked out Trail's website and not much information is found there. I am not comfortable being up sold other stuff such as extended warranty, while initiating a conversation with sales...

    2. I think most of the appliance stores would do this (Trail, Midland, Coast Wholesale, etc). Probably Sears too.

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        also - ask if they take away old appliances and dispose of them responsibly (esp the fridge chemicals - the coolant)

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          I've bought from Sears, Future Shop and Midland over the years. All charged a nominal delivery fee, but all added a disposal fee (varies in price) to take your old appliance away.

          There's a BC Hydro rebate you can get for having the old thing taken away while buying a new Power Smart unit anyway. So always call to make sure, and prudent to comparison shop.

      2. Just 4 weeks ago I had to pay $69.95 to Sears for delivery of a Fridgidaire $2000 stove

        1. I'd be surprised to find a shop which did free deliveries, other than a special promotion. However, if you are able to find a shop in your neighborhood, rather than across the river, then perhaps the delivery fee will be lower. We bought our freezer at Costco (delivery available) and dishwasher from Midland Appliance. Delivery fee was, imo, nominal.

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            Home Depot is another source.

            Many of the retailers outsource their deliveries to contractors, hence the charges. As far as pickups (disposal of old appliances) there's always a fee attached.

          2. There used to be a place on Fraser (?) called Handy Appliances. Inventory is limited, but you can sometimes hit them on a good day. I think they might provide free delivery and hook up of kitchen appliances.

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              Thanks so much bonlee. is this their website ? Looks like they are an online shop but they do have a showroom address. The prices are actually quite good.

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                  I bought my Samsung stacking dryer/washer (large capacity version) in 2011 from Handy, for $899 (!). At the time they said they had 30+ units in stock, so it may have been some big lot purchase they made and sold them close to wholesale. Can't recall if delivery was free, but since I needed my old stacked combo taken away I'm sure I paid some nominal disposal fee. Two guys came and did the whole job in 30 mins.

                  Their showroom entrance is on E.17th IIRC. They have a selection of used appliances too,