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Jul 31, 2013 10:35 AM

La Brochette

According to Koshertopia, this will be a new place where La Carne Grill (Murray Hill, NYC) was. Anyone have more info or a menu?

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  1. They are still doing construction.

      1. re: river3950

        Nobody worry. They have sushi and steak on their menu. They can be a contemporary kosher restaurant.

        1. re: river3950

          With as many typos, misspellings, and instances of poor grammar on the menu as there are, I certainly hope the food is better than the menu itself.

          1. re: queenscook

            heh, i thought they provided those solely for my entertainment

          2. re: river3950

            Caesar salad made of just romaine, croutons and garlic dressing for $16?!?!? Who in their right mind would buy that?

            1. re: EllieS

              Honestly, all pareve Caesar salad is, at best, mediocre. To me, the biggest example of crazy pricing is the very first item on the menu, $12 for steamed edamame and salt, something I can make for a dollar with a microwave and some frozen edamame pods.

              1. re: GilaB

                as soon as I saw the edamame and rest of the overpriced sushi apps, I said to myself...they won't last.
                Another Kosher restaurant with no sense of direction, trying to be everything to everyone.
                Sushi, Steak, Italian, Continental? What do they really want to be?

                Why must every new kosher fleischige place think they must have overpriced mediocre sushi to survive? Am I reaaly going to order sushi with Veal Scallopine? I don't think so.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  You won't, I won't, but I can think of 10 friends that will!

            2. Eh, not impressed. For those kinds of prices I want creativity and a chef with a vision, not just mix-n-match typical side dishes and a few different hunks of beef. The non-steak entrees seem kind of dates and formulaic to me. Plus - sushi? Why?? For the love of all the millions of delicious things to eat in the world, why?

              1. We ate at La Brochette last night and enjoyed the meal – both the food and the service were excellent. We started by sharing the La Brochette sampler which included wagyu beef skewers, short rib spring rolls, peking duck confit and crispy sweetbreads. This was our favorite dish but the main courses were also good. I got the chicken marsala, which was very tasty although I thought the mashed potatoes were a little too salty and my husband ordered the hangar steak which he thought was great—much better than a steak he got at La Marais last week. For dessert we shared what they called a peanut butter mousse, which was fine but tasted more like chocolate than peanut butter. As I mentioned, service was excellent. The cost for the meal, one beer (from a very limited choice of beers, only 3) was around $150 including the tip.
                They seemed to be doing well with a group upstairs and 40% or so of the tables full on the first floor (not bad for a Tuesday night after 8 at the end of the summer). I agree that the menu could be more focused and that sushi should not be a requirement for every kosher restaurant – although I did notice people ordering the sushi. But if you want an upscale steakhouse you should try it.

                1. Was it worth the prices for that location? Can I take business people there this soon after they opened?

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                  1. re: river3950

                    My husband (who often dines out for business) was there yesterday. I asked him about this, and he said that it was an expense account kind of place, and totally business appropriate. According to him, it's a close copy of Prime Grill, in terms of food quality, dishes offered, service, and price; he liked the layout, and found it less noisy than even the new, multilevel PG. He said that the total for his dinner came to about $100/person, although I do not know what they ordered, whether that includes tips, etc.

                    1. re: river3950

                      I thought it was worth the price for the food, the service and the ambience. The location happens to work well for us that evening and in general us (we work in Manhattan and live in Queens). I would take business clients there. They told us they are open for lunch.

                      1. re: river3950

                        I was so going to go there with my colleague today, but he balked at the prices and we ended up going to Moshe's Falafel on 46/6.

                        Quite a difference, ha.