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Masterchef will apparently drive you insane.

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    1. Gordon Ramsay makes *me* insane, so I can see where this guy is coming from...

        1. re: C. Hamster

          No, he was from Mississippi. He was a U.S. Army Contract Specialist

        2. Sounds like schizophrenia, poor guy.

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          1. re: hal2010

            i think he was the guy in the service for awhile..maybe some weird flashback from maleria drugs?

            1. I guess someone talked to Tali from that season and he said that Josh seemed to have a "split personality" even back then. What a completely bizarre situation. I hope he gets help.

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              1. re: Firegoat

                What a shame. When I read the story, I was surprised because like most, he seemed so normal. I agree that he must be mentally ill or some kind of drug thing. Just look at Amanda Bynes, she always seemed so together and now, not so.

              2. Poor guy.

                But isn't that what Gordon Ramsey prides himself in? Turning people into God?

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                1. re: chicgail

                  I think he prides himself on making people think he is god.


                2. Very sad story; sadder still are some of the comments being posted around the net about it.

                  I hope he is able to get the treatment and care he needs. I don't feel it's proper to speculate about what happened except that it does sound like some kind of mental break. It rather sickens me some of the comments I've seen either belittling real mental illness or assuming it was "drugs" because he's black.

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                  1. re: sockii

                    remeber a few years ago when Margot Kidder had some sort of breakdown.. I think people first assumed it was alcohol related because that is what they are familar with..I dont think it is a racial jump rather most people will assume bizzar behaviour is a substince problem.. the whole when you hear hoof beats you dont automaticallyy think zebras.. when my dads friend got pulled over for eratic driving the police didnt think "ohhhh he may be having a complication due to a dibetic compliction " or when my mom acted strange people didnt think " gee she may be having a brain problems" Sad maybe... but the world doesnt go to the 1%
                    it goes to the "must be drunk must be drugs"

                    1. re: sockii

                      Its so easy to make comments like people are "assuming it was "drugs" because he's black" but frankly I think it is silly to write things like that. If he was white people would write exactly the same thing if they saw someone do something this crazy.

                    2. Some possibly good news. One of the sponsors that said they were dropping him has backed off and wants to work with him.


                      1. He was a great contestant on the show, sorry to hear about this - hope he is able to get whatever help he may need.

                        1. An update on Josh's situation and news that he was previously diagnoses as bipolar.

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                            Lets say he's not culpable but isn't he still a menace to society? If he's going to have these episodes, he should not be free to roam about the country.