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Jul 31, 2013 09:49 AM

Charcuterie, Snout to Tail and more in Manhatten

Hi, Looking for a Friday or Saturday night place to go that has a mix of great flavors, but really looking for a place that has some great charcuterie. Or somewhere that you like that is known for a snout to tail concept.

We like to sample multiple flavors and dishes, so a great small plates place with a good, casual tendy atmosphere would be awesome. Or seperate recommendation for this atmosphere :)

Many thanks for your fave recommendations :)

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  1. Artisanal, Casa Mono, Eataly

    1. If you're OK with Italian style Salumi:
      Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

      Also, Terroir

      1. I like SD26 for their salumi offerings, County has a limited but nice selection of charcuterie and they have small plates as well. Another small plates (although some are anything but small) place that we really really enjoy is ABC Cocina.

        1. Bar Boulud and the Cannibal both have very good and varied charcuterie.

          1. Takashi, the Breslin, Bar Boulud, Casa Mono, Swine. If you can get a big group together, do the suckling pig meal at the Breslin.

            Try Mario Batali, David Chang, and April Bloomfield restaurants, for sure.

            Keep Per Se, Picholine & Daniel in mind when it's game season in the fall/winter.


            Spotted Pig - chicken liver toast, crispy pig's ear salad, pork rillettes

            Public - kangaro, rabbit and pork terrine, foie gras, lamb belly, venison

            The Breslin - chicken liver, blood sausage, pig's foot. Also a terrine board w/ guinea hen, rabbit, head cheese, pate, liverwurst.

            And you can also do the one of the chef's table feasts that will include offal. IIRC for the suckling pig group dinner, they bring you the ears, eyes, snout, brain, tongue, and jowl. For the lamb group dinner, you get grilled liver, kidney, heart.

            Hakata Tonton - pig's feet in multiple dishes

            Momofuku Noodle Bar - chicken liver mousse

            Momofuku Ssam Bar - veal head terrine, maitakes with liver, duck hearts

            Pig & Khao - sizzling sisig, grilled pork jowl, pork adobo, crispy pata, longonissa

            Maharlika - sizzling sisig, balut

            Bar Boulud - pate grand-mer, pate grand-pere, head cheese terrine, housemade ham, beef cheek terrine, guinea hen with pork and foie gras, veal and pork pate, saucisson sec, proscuitto, jamon iberico, mangalista ham, snails, boudin noir, boudin blanc, they also have a separate "nose to tail" menu that is more traditional apps and entrees

            Casa Mono - jamon iberico, charcuterie/terrine board, sweetbreads, foie gras, duck egg with mojama, beef tongue, beef cheek and marrow, see also the "whole organic animals" section of the menu

            Minetta Tavern - oxtail and foie terrine, bone marrow

            Babbo - lamb's tongue, tripe, testa, goose liver ravioli, lamb's brains ravioli, beef cheek ravioli, sweetbreads, duck, rabbit, quail, guinea hen, squab

            Manzo - testa, sweetbreads, cheek, tongue, foie gras

            Txikito - foie gras terrine, veal jowl terrine, blood sausage, beef tongue, trotters/tripe/tendon

            Fatty Cue WV -- chicken liver mousse, pork cheek noodle, deep fried rabbit

            Yakitori Totto - chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken knee, chicken neck, chicken tail, chicken oyster aka the "rare part of chicken thigh"

            Blue Ribbon Brasserie - foie gras, pate, escargot, sweetbreads, pigeon, bone marrow

            Prune - sweetbreads, marrow, liver, kidneys

            Resto - pork liver, rabbit sausage, head cheese, nose to tail meals for big groups: pig, goat, lamb, veal, fish

            The Cannibal - lamb rillettes, head cheese, pork liver mousse, boudin noir, beef heart tartare, bone marrow, roasted pig's head, lamb neck and rib

            Swine - housemade duck prosciutto, gravlax, pork rillettes, foie gras torchon

            Il Buco Alimentari - assorted salumi, porchetta

            Salumeria Rosi - assorted salumi, porchetta

            Kabab Cafe in Queens (one of my favorite places ever) - testicles (on occasion), beef cheek, lamb's brains, duck liver, etc.

            Xian Famous Foods - "lamb's face" cold salad

            Chez Napoleon (old school French restaurant) - kidney, calf's brains, rabbit, quail, frogs legs, sweetbreads

            Despana (a spanish grocery store) - carries a lot of great products like jamon iberico, blood sausage, preserved fish roe, various forms of seafood in tins preserved in oil/sauce, and they often give out free samples.

            Takashi - beef liver, kidney, brains, tongue, heart, intestine, belly, cheek, various stomaches, tripe, tendon, etc.

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              cannot second kathryns suggestion of the whole pig dinner at the breslin enough. did it last summer as part of our wedding celebration and man, it was so good.

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                Sounds great! Thank you! Can't wait to try some of your recommendations.