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Jul 31, 2013 09:27 AM

Drinks Before Dinner At Rich Table [San Francisco]

Dinner reservation tonight at Rich Table. Any good Happy Hours or interesting place for drinks - snacks in the general neighborhood (Hayes Valley - Gough St).

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Sugar on Hayes/Gough has drink specials every night and snacks from 5-7pm. Ask them to tone down the sugar content (they are more than happy to modify anything to your taste0 on the drinks and you'll have an enjoyable cocktail.

      Two Sisters on Hayes/Laguna has happy hour until 6pm and very tasty bar snacks.

      My personal rec: Muka on Grove/Gough. Great drinks and AMAZING bar snacks. Jean-Luc just moved from Bush to Hayes Valley.

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      1. re: Amandica

        Thanks for the Muka rec. Thoroughly enjoyed it for a dinner of small plates and dessert,

      2. sugar and absinthe are both great.

        1. Here's my google map of food, drinks and food shopping in Hayes Valley if you have more time to walk around.

          1. I hope you'll give your opinion on your meal at Rich Table