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Jul 31, 2013 08:54 AM

Quebec city & Montreal with teens

We are driving to Quebec city with the kids (16 year old twins) this Sunday. Will stay for 4 nights and 2 nights at Montreal.
Any suggestions for cool local lunch and dinner on the budget?
We are foodies from NYC and we would like to try local or French inspired pastries, coffee shops, local beer ...

Thank you.

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  1. Schwartz's deli in Montreal of course! I'm biased, but I'd pick it over pastrami any day.

    1. In Montreal - La Banquise is fun for it's many varieties of poutine, which is not something you will find in anywhere else.

      1. What kind of "on budget" are we talking about ?

        For Montreal...

        Always check for summer/sunday closure ...

        For pastries, I suggest going to Patisserie Rhubarbe.

        You could walk down to Mont-Royal to "La Salle à Manger", or gilford st. for "Le Chien Fumant" or "Le Quartier Général"; or to St-Denis St. for 5eme Peché, L'Express, 3 petits bouchons, ...

        Have fun.

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Thank you for your input. Traveling and feeding 4 hungry adult for a week can be costly but we also want to enjoy. Trying to keep lunch at up $10 a person and dinner at $15 - $20.

          1. re: ilanklein

            Scratch all my selections... probably too expensive; except Patisserie Rhubarbe.

            You could try "La Famille" (gilford st. ) for lunch.

            Chicken from Romados; pick up a whole chicken and bring it to a nearby park. ( will fill up the familiy nicely).

            Get some bagels and smoked salmon and cream cheese from Fairmont or St-Viateur bagels and some "Viennoiseries" from Guillaume Bakery.

            For beers, have a look at "Dieu du Ciel"; even if it is a bar (??) you probably be able to sit outside on the terrasse with the kids.

            You can go up to the Marché Jean-Talon and grab some veggies, fruits , charcuterie/paté/cheese and some beers (from Marché des Saveurs) and make a piknic out of that.

            For (french) macarons, try either "Point G" or "La Maison Du Macaron"

            Have fun.

        2. Maybe Le's tiny but I think your teens will like the crepes. Paillard is good for keeping in budget. (These are both QC). Le Cochon Dingue in the Petit Champlain (also QC) is part of a chain, but good.

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            1. re: pinehurst

              My teen-aged sons loved the crepes at Le Billing, so much that it's on our short list for a return visit to QC later this month.

            2. This article is about the best beer stores in Montreal

              If you go to Romados which you definitely should the one called 'Au Coin Duluth' is fairly close by. Banquise is a good idea for poutine. if you dont want to go to the market and feeling like making sandwiches near 'Au coin Duluth' there is a great store next to Schwartz's (a good/cheap place it its own right for smoked meat sandwiches) called Vieille Europe that has a lot of imported cheeses and meats. For great coffee go to Myriade if you are near the fine art museum (otherwise it isn't a very beautiful place).

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              1. re: kpaxonite

                Just a slight correction so our visitors don't get confused. La Vielle Europe is not right next to Schwartz. It is down the street (towards the river) a little bit.