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Jul 31, 2013 08:26 AM

Need Rec for someone who just had surgery of the tongue!

My brother just had part of his tongue removed (surgery for sleep apnea) and will be in town for just couple more days. Of course I would like to go somewhere nice and delicious but due to his recovery, food needs to be soft and easy to swallow. I know this is an unusual request but looking for dinner venue ideas. He said he was able to eat soba yesterday. Send your recs! Not food ideas, but restaurant ideas where there might be delicious food to accomodate the situation. Thanks in advance! Now I'm hungry for a tongue sandwich!

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  1. Grand central oyster bar- oysters and soups
    Clinton st baking co- cheese omelette on dinner menu, spag carbonara, soup, milkshake
    La pizza and pasta inside of eataly- selection of pastas and gnocchi, ravioli
    Balthazar- onion soup, steak tartare, seafood ceviche, spring pea risotto, raw oysters

    1. First of all, my condolences to your brother.

      I would opt for risotto or pasta at either Babbo or Marea.

        1. soon dooboo restaurant..pick mild and get a side order of soft silken eggs.