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Jul 31, 2013 08:17 AM

Napa with kids - where to start?

We will be staying in Napa for a week with our kids, 11 and 14. I know Napa is not really the first place you think of for a family vacation, but there you go. They are cool with all kinds of foods and settings, so I'm not looking for "kid-friendly" places. But the options are kind of overwhelming.

We like good, but not really fancy food (no interest in French Laundry), that is fresh, local, and seasonal. We will probably do more lunches out than dinners, especially in other towns, just to avoid the night time driving, but if there is a spot that is much better for dinner than lunch (or vice versa) we'd like to know that as well. Also interested in good happy hours, or places with good cocktail menus.


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    1. Oxbow as mentioned above - make sure to try something from the fresh juice bar. My kids were skeptical first but ended up loving it.

      Goose & Gander - good food & cocktails, has nice outdoor seating.
      Rutherford Grill - kids love the ribs & cornbread (make reservations on Urbanspoon otherwise long waits at lunch)
      Gotts Roadside - good burgers including ahi

      Oenotri - had dinner here in December & were disappointed with pizza, soggy. Pasta was ok.

      Frog's Leap Winery tour is always fun for the kids. Vincent Arroyo Winery was also "kid friendly".

      1. Redd is great. You may also want to consider picking up fried chicken Addendum for lunch - they have picnic benches there too.

        1. My 11- and 14-year old stepchildren-to-be ADORED visiting me when I lived in Napa - especially Oxbow (Three Twins Ice Cream and CaMomi for pizza were fav's).

          The best happy hour deal in town is Grace's Table; from 3:00 to 6:00 they have an appetizer menu that is all half-price and will easily make a great meal for all (fried pickles and tacos were the kids favorites), although there is no cocktails - just wine.

          Thursday nights is Chef's Night in downtown which everyone would enjoy as well and you can stop either at Ben & Jerry's or Annette's Chocolates for a sweet treat and more amazing tacos at Bistro Sabor (the churros are pretty stunning as well).

          1. If you are going to head over to Somona through Carneros, definitely go to Fremont Diner.