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Jul 31, 2013 07:59 AM

Fratelli's Brick Oven Pizza in E. Norriton

It's been years since this place closed, but I still think about their chicken rolls and amazing salads and garlic knots. Does anyone know what ever happened to the fratelli brothers, if they relocated?

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  1. Were they on the corner of Germantown and DeKalb, diagonally across from where Bunky's used to be?

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      Yup!! Any idea what ever happened to them? If they relocated, or started up something else?

      1. re: suburbanite889

        loved that place, too. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the bros moved onto.

    2. I think the shop became a cigar store ? That was a deadly corner for restaurants. Bunky's was vacant for what ?? 30 years or so ??

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      1. re: MainLiner

        The cigar store (Rebel something) was on the opposite corner and the Fratelli building is now gone. Bunky's was an eyesore for several decades due to the eccentric old guy who owned that lot. His house was back where Staples is and was so overgrown it wasn't visible from the road. The only signs of life were his flock of chickens.

      2. That was an odd spot. If I recall correctly there was a "Big Pixie" drive-in at that location when I was a kid (back when Bargain City / Atlantic Thrift Center) anchored that shopping center. This was before the Mall was built. There was also a restaurant where the Indo-grocery now sits in the little strip mall in Plymouth called the "Beanery."