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Jul 31, 2013 07:54 AM

Dinner on Saturday - Midtown

Boston Hound in town on Saturday night. Looking for a place to grab dinner with my wife. Just want something on the casual side where we'll be able to walk in without a reservation. Staying at the Wyndham on 45th & 3rd. That day is going to be quite hectic, so I'd like to limit it to something a fairly quick walk (10-12 minutes) from the hotel. I know that area of the city is pretty tough in terms of chow. Thinking maybe some place gastropuby. Just something simple and tasty. Any ideas?

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  1. I can recommend a few places South of there but not too far:
    Ethos Meze
    Le Parisien
    If you like Middle Eastern head west over to Al Bustan

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      Rare seems like the kind of place I was thinking. Anything in a similar vein in that general area? Is Rare decent enough? Reviews seem to be mixed. I don't need the best meal of my life. Just something enjoyable after a long day.

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        We've always enjoyed Rare. Steaks, seafood, burgers all good. Service and space are great.
        We've never made a reservation but it might be good to call ahead. Make sure you call the one on Lex and not Chelsea.

    2. Try The Smith on 51st and 2nd.

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        That looks perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

      2. Another option is Cafe Centro (gastropub-ish, and close to your hotel).

        1. i second Smith, Salvation is good for tacos and such. Dock's is a nice place with decent seafood, Sakagura if you want to try Japanese food.

          1. Does this the Smith got the peepholes in the basement showing 20's porn like its sister in the East Village. If not, I'd go to Sakagura. But it can get pricey