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Jul 31, 2013 07:23 AM

Portsmouth (NH, USA) wine stores ?

Going down to the beach next week (from Montréal QC), and will be going to Portsmouth NH for one afternoon/evening.

Any worthwhile wine store in the area ?

I'm looking for US wines and maybe some hard to get gin.



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  1. The state liquor store has a complete selecition of wines gin and its cheap with no tax and as a result the selection at private stores is limited.Its at the circle 5 min from downtown Portsmouth Cheers!

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    1. re: LeRique

      I suspect you will be pleased with the selection.............And VERY pleased with the prices in the NH liquor stores! I miss them so!

      1. re: LeRique

        Thanks, I did not know about the state liquor stores.

        Will look at that.


        1. re: Maximilien


          Here is the current online "ad" for the NH Liquor stores. We live on the MA border and the stores are the first place we look when we need wine/spirits.

      2. Not quite wine and not quite gin, about 15 minutes from Portsmouth is Sea Hagg rum distillery. Small batch. I was there a few weeks ago and you can go in and sample and look at the operation while you're in the area. Small place! They're doing some cool stuff with distilling.

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          Nice! we will be in Hampton Beach, so it is on the way to Portsmouth.


        2. Right at the rotary in Portsmouth is the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet store. Big stock, good prices, and tax free.

          1. McKinnon's Butcher Shop has a good selection of Wine & Beers.
            Trader Joe's too!