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Jul 31, 2013 07:21 AM

Le Vin Papillon

Who's been to Le Vin Papillon? How's the food? What's the price range?

Looking for a good meal - a little less expensive than Joe Beef -, with no reservations before a show at the Corona in August.

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  1. When in August? VP is currently closed.

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    1. re: Fintastic

      Yeah, I know - saw their website. End of August.

    2. The concentration is on small plates, but they're very good. Light, seasonal fare, with OK portions. Good for sharing, but it isn't like Joe Beef where the portions can be quite large.
      Most of the food is around $15/plate, but I would budget on getting 2-3 per person if this is going to be a meal. It is less expensive than Joe Beef, but not by much. There is also a lot more vegetarian and seafood options, less on heavy meat.

      We had a great bottle of Rose for $55.
      Glasses are $8-$12

      I visited them the week after they opened and had a great time. There is a nice terrace in the back that filled up quickly, and got a bit lively. The service was phenomenal and our waitress was very helpful in choosing wine and food. (She asked us to choose what we wanted in terms of food/wine before we stepped onto the terrace, but due to the large selection we had forgotten most of it, but the time we ordered). We pretty much told her what we were feeling like at that moment and she suggested something that usually hit the spot.

      Total damage with a bottle of rose, 3 glasses of white and a glass of cremant, plus 4 plates was about $160+tip.

      I really enjoyed this place. The wine, the food, the service and the ambiance. It will definitely be my go to when looking for wine in the area.

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      1. re: Stax88

        Thank you so much - great review. Can't wait to try it!

      2. Folks is there place where I can see the menu for this spot. Visiting Montreal in a few weeks and will be dinning solo the first day so first pick is APDC and if I don't get in there I want to try this place (I have never been to a Joe Beef , Liverpool by these local legends) unless you suggest I have a better shot at the Joe Beef or Liverpool.

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          There is no fixed menu - it changes daily, based on what is fresh and available. Plates are small, and meant for sharing.
          When I was there a few weeks back, the menu included things like a selection of cured hams, terrines, various seasonal veggie dishes (often with bits of meat included). The standout was the rotisserie cauliflower with beurre blanc and crisped chicken skin (sounds weird, but it was so so good...)

          However, as a solo diner, you probably have a decent chance of dining at one of the few bar seats at Joe Beef or Liverpool, so try to reserve at either of those first.

          1. re: cherylmtl

            Thanks I will give Joe Beef a shot in case APDC doesn't pan out.
            And no chicken skin doesn't sound weird that my fav part of the chicken.

        2. Went there last night with a friend and really enjoyed it. Food was quite good, we got the ricotta toast with onions (quite simple but our favorite), the smoked ham plate, the green beans with romano, smoked trout rillette (our second fave) and the cherry pie. Sharing 4 plates and a desert and we were satisfied. We had two glass each and the recommendations of the staff were quite good. My only caveat was that the selection of wine by the glass was not written down anywhere and we had to ask. There was a lot of choice, which was nice, but by the time the waitress had finished telling us what they had, we had forgotten the first ones she had mentionned. Also having them written down would be good so that you can see the prices without asking. (some wines by the glass were 17$ yesterday which would have been a surprise on the bill :S) But thats a minor complain and everything else was great and I will definitely go back.

          1. Finally made it here for the first time last night and had a really great time. Smoked mackerel was great as was the fois de pintade (served with adorable homemade rooster crackers). We each had one glass of wine (an orange from Slovenia). Four plates + 2 glasses and we were full. Bill came to $80. I want to go back to try other offerings.

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            1. re: picklebird

              how long/short was the wait to get a table?

              1. re: Maximilien

                We got there at 6:30 pm on a Thurs. (before a show at the Corona) and were seated within 10 minutes. We lingered until close to 8.

                (Now, I'm thinking the wine was from Slovakia, actually :))

                1. re: picklebird

                  The wait really seems to vary a lot. I showed up on a recent Thursday at maybe 5:45 and we had to wait for 30-45 minutes. Other parties had to wait even longer. That Saturday we arrived early (4:30pm) to an empty restaurant, which filled up entirely by 5:30, and then emptied out again by the time we left at 6:45.