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Jul 31, 2013 05:47 AM

Anniversary Dinner in Metrowest

Just moved to the Framingham area from Boston (damn having a child and needing space) and trying to fine a nice, romantic spot for our Anny. We would go into Boston or Cambridge but this is our first non-relative babysitter and we want to stay close to the area in case of emergency. Looking on all the regular websites and asking coworkers who live in this area, there doesn't seem to be a place that jumps out to us. Wildwood and Alta Strada seem alright and get decent enough reviews, just don't have the "WOW" factor. Farmstead Table piques me, but not the wife. Belmont and Waltham have some nice choices, but might be out of the radius of where we want to dine. Any good options?

(Oh, I originally was going to have us dine at Coach Grill because I have driven by that place nearly every day for the last 9 years going to work but I looked at the menu and immediately scoffed at the prices. Not because I wouldn't spend that much on dinner because I have, but because it seems like you aren't getting anything special for that price. If we went to Russel House Tavern or Craigie on Main, we'd spend probably less than Coach Grill and I'd know I'd have an incredible meal.)

Anyway, any places in Metrowest that delivers like a Russel House Tavern? Or are we setting our sights too high and our best options are decent to pretty good steakhouse or Italian restaurant?

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  1. I went once to Wildwood many years ago and will not return. Don't know if it has gotten any better. At the time it was a mediocre steakhouse. Alta Strada is pretty good but I would not go there for my own anniversary. You mention Farmstead Table but how about Sycamore? I've been to both and much prefer Sycamore. Waban Kitchen might also be an option but the seating there is not too conducive to romance (if that's a goal). Would also pass on Coach Grill. You might also want to consider Aka Bistro in Lincoln.

    1. I would strongly suggest you look into Sycamore in Newton Centre. I think it is exactly what you are looking for. The only caveat is that it is often crowded and is not on the quiet side if that is a problem for an anniversary dinner. I have had nothing but excellent meals there. And their drink program (I have had beer and cocktails) is very strong. Depending how close to Route 9 you live, it shouldn't be much more than 15-20 min from Framingham and perhaps less.

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      1. how about AKA bistro in Lincoln or 80 Thoreau in Concord. Really nice ride along backroads

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          Ditto these - when is it? Bondir should be opening in Concord in not too long, too.

        2. Sticking to just Framingham and bordering towns:

          Maxwell's 148 on Route 135 in Natick
          Tommasso Trattoria on Route 9 in Southborough
          Bullfinchs on Route 20 in Sudbury

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              Ditto. Beautiful Foie gras torchon.

              AKA exc too.

              Sycamore #1 pick of all but maybe too far for you.(Their Daily Board is fascinating in concept and usually terrific in reality.)

              I'm pretty sure that this is one case where you do not want to "Go west, young man." West is scary.

            2. re: honestcuisine

              Another vote for Maxwell's, but you may also want to try Oregon Supper Club (on Oregon Street in Framingham, a place even your GPS will have trouble finding). It's fun and can be very good.

              We also love Oga (intersection of 27 and 9).

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                Oga is excellent sushi in a lovely atmosphere

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                  You definitely won't find it using GPS if you plug in Oregon Street in Framingham, since it's on Oregon Road in Ashland :)

                  Salem End Road turns into Oregon road at the border. Interesting historical trivia: Salem End is where Judge Danforth set up many of those involved in the Salem witch trials with homes. Contrary to what you may read in the play, he actually was very critical of the trials.

              2. If you are willing to come to Newton, I would recommend Lumiere.