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Jul 31, 2013 01:08 AM

Brothers BBQ -- Crenshaw

Have a Groupon I have to use by tomorrow, so going today. Best things there?

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  1. Rib tips and collards. The ribs had potential, but I'm certain I caught 'em on an off day.

    Be prepared to wait, and wait. Perhaps first call in your order?

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    1. re: TonyC

      TonyC, you had it right. Got there at 11:15 this morning (hours say they open at 11) and had to wait a half-hour before they had ribs (and most other offerings) available. Used my $22 Groupon to purchase a $22 (on the board, $23 on the menu) rack of ribs. They didn't charge me sales tax.

      Had a stressed afternoon so haven't sampled yet -- will let you know.

      1. re: nosh

        Nosh, how were the ribs? How did they compare with Bludso's ribs?

        1. re: Norm Man

          I've only had a few of the ribs so far. I've probably eaten ones from the long end, but they were still very meaty. Not fatty. The meat on either side of the bone is tender but firm -- very good -- but the meat from the under-flap was tough (still, I'm glad they left it on). Ribs have a distinct smoke smell and taste, but I haven't detected much of a smoke ring -- I saw the smoker with huge billows of smoke emerging but a bit on the gilled as opposed to smoked side. Gave me a huge container of BBQ sauce. I ordered hot but while tasty I added some hot chili oil and still not enough heat for me.

          Bottom line -- good use of a Groupon. $11 got me a big, heavy container of meaty ribs that will last a few meals and snacks. Nice people. Didn't charge me extra sale tax. But without the discount, there are closer if not better options.