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Jul 30, 2013 11:56 PM

American Wedding Cake in Cernobbio, Italy--Lake Como

I am having a vow renewal ceremony this August in Lake Como. Our hotel has suggested they make the cake but would prefer to find a specialist in making an American style wedding cake.
The caterer at our original wedding forgot to order our cake and at the last minute replaced it with a yellow plastic faux cake for the cake cutting ceremony.
We only have a few guests so only the top layer would need to be edible. The rest can be fake, but frosted.
Any ideas on where I can get a yummy, delicious & beautiful cake made in this region of Italy?

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  1. If you look online and search for "Torta Nunziale" + Lago di Como (or plug in some of the towns around Como), I'm sure you will find something. American style wedding cakes are very fashionable in Italy right now.