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American Wedding Cake in Cernobbio, Italy--Lake Como

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I am having a vow renewal ceremony this August in Lake Como. Our hotel has suggested they make the cake but would prefer to find a specialist in making an American style wedding cake.
The caterer at our original wedding forgot to order our cake and at the last minute replaced it with a yellow plastic faux cake for the cake cutting ceremony.
We only have a few guests so only the top layer would need to be edible. The rest can be fake, but frosted.
Any ideas on where I can get a yummy, delicious & beautiful cake made in this region of Italy?

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  1. If you look online and search for "Torta Nunziale" + Lago di Como (or plug in some of the towns around Como), I'm sure you will find something. American style wedding cakes are very fashionable in Italy right now.


    1. This looks promising