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Jul 30, 2013 09:38 PM

Is it just me, or is grass fed starting to not be premium thing?

Am I going crazy, or is the price difference between pasture-raised animal products and their CAFO... equivalents (sorry, passionate issue for me) starting to not be there? It's at the point where I'm looking the ground beef at the neighborhood Giant and all I can't help but imagine myself asking Mr. Corporate Dude, "you know, for 50 cents more , I can get 100% grass-fed ground beef from cows that have never seen a CAFO, yet alone GMO grains and HFCS sweetened food-like substances, right"? I look at the steaks and I feel like the prices are gaining up on the pastured stuff, to the point that some meat restriction could let me eat all pastured product with little extra cost. Hell, eggs are just frigging stupid now. Organic eggs runs at 5.50 a dozen for me. Geezus friggin christ, I know I can get a dozen pasture eggs from chickens that have actually seen the sun for less than that and I can get them soy-free for two bucks more.

Some yeah, am I crazy, or is the expensive and premium pasture raised products starting to not be so premium?

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  1. Question for you, do you really believe the person in your neighborhood Giant store? Is it grass fed and grass finished? bet he doesn't know. Also, for you 50 cents per pound is small but, for lots of families on a budget it's huge.

    1. I buy grass fed when I can and the price is definitely different than grain fed, by a long shot.

      1. I've only found grass fed at Costco and Whole Foods, and the price premium is definitely still there.

        1. Price of corn has trilped. It's driving up the cost of a lot of what you see in the store. The culprit is ethanol and the Government subsidies driving it.

          1. Depends on where you are and where you shop. Demand in my small food town brings the price of organic fruits, vegetables and meat pretty much in line with the lesser stuff.
            Buy local from your independent grocer or farmer's market. Help the cause.