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Jul 30, 2013 09:26 PM

kosher eithiopian jerusalem

I know there was a kosher eithiopian restaurant in jerusalem called Ethio-Israel. is is still open? the address is 5 Elyashar Street. if it is still open where exactly is it-is it near givat ram or center of town

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  1. I'm fairly sure it closed a few years back. We ate there five or six years ago, and tried to go back since, but weren't able to contact them. In truth, they were very disorganized, didn't have half of what was on the menu, and the amounts we were served were very small. We pretty much left still hungry, and wound up somewhere else afterwards for a dessert to finish off the meal. Still, it was an interesting experience. It was near the center of town, pretty close to the Russian Compound, as I recall.

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      That is our experience also eat there six years ago and last year it was not there. You may want to try posing on the Middle East & Africa Board for additional information, or to find a substitute.

    2. i walked by the address today and it is no longer there. However, my hubby found a tel aviv kosher eithiopian place. we hope it is open