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Jul 30, 2013 09:19 PM

Local, user driven restaurant review website for France

Can anyone recommend a local, user driven review website specifically from France?

I'm expecting it to be a French language site.

For example, I live in Japan and is an excellent and (mostly) well respected local diners review website.

I've been searching most of this morning but haven't turned anything up.

Can someone help?

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  1. I like linternaute.
    Lefooding is still good for restaurants outside Paris.
    It has become unreliable for Paris, me thinks.
    I am actually very glad you asked this question.
    All those hounds who ask us to steer them to restaurants where they won't hear English, which means they are asking us to recommend where they will eat well but will especially not find us, kindly take note.

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    1. If there was a trusted site like tabelog in french, I wouldn't lurk around Chowhound so often...

      I think this is the website with the knowledge, the others are just places with reviews by random people who you would probably never trust to recommend you a nice pair of socks for the winter...

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      1. re: Rio Yeti

        Yep. To be fair, does any collaborative restaurant review site works correctly, anywhere? Collaborative review is still in its infancy, and, be it for restaurants or CDs or wines, it is immensely frustrating and time consuming.

        My point being: a good collaborative review site would
        A/ automatically and correctly aggregate relevant information for each restaurant (shop, recording, wine, etc.)
        B/ correctly compile practical information (opening times and days, dogs and children allowed, American Express taken orally, current menus..)
        C/ be searchable based on those and other features (whats open tonight in my neighborhood that is suitable for a first date...)
        D/ would review reviewers based on comments and usage of their reviews
        E/ would identify possibly similar tastes (those who liked Lao lane xang will probably like le Jules verne too)
        F/ would be an opportunity for smart chefs to connect with customers, associate them to the creation process, hear their feedback , share ideas and recipes, talk about seasonal produces. (I have girolles!!!!),allow for special events (we'd like to have a whole boar roasted, Asterix style, there is a village of us).

        Now, how much do we suck by this standards? But I'm sure google will fix that, won't they?

        1. re: souphie

          From what I understand tabelog seems to be pretty good for Japan (of course it can't be perfect).

          I think those review sites want to be just the opposite of "time consuming", but in the end, time is best spent actually reading on either forums (like this one) or blogs... rather than cruising reviews in ranking sites.

          For some reason it seems that someone willing to be a part of a discussion, or taking the time to actually put up a real "website" with his reviews, will always have a deeper personal implication in what he is writing than someone just bashing a restaurant or claiming how great the view is with exclamation marks...

          Are people on forums and with their own website more altruistic than reviewers on tripadvisor or yelp ? Someone should do a study... or not.

          1. re: Rio Yeti

            Sure, altruism etc counts. But the main crazy thing here is the total disorganization of information and waste of energy. Yes, us the information exists, but that's not the question. The question is: how do I find it and assess it.

            1. re: souphie

              Totally agree. However this is a "forum" or "discussion board"... it was conceived that way and for some weird feng-shui, cosmos, reason it brought together some amazing knowledge that other places lack.

              But if the website was to transform into a sort of a "guide" (which I think would be the only possibility for the information to be more easily accessible), it would probably disturb the feng-shui, and who knows if the knowledge will still be here...

              Maybe we should do a focus group altogether to think of how this information could be made more readily available ;)
              I'm in !

          2. re: souphie

            Soup - you forgot (g) exclude fake review and shills