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Jul 30, 2013 09:13 PM

Can One Eat Too Many (Raw)Oysters?

Just wondering. Recently had some fantastic smaller Island Creek (MA) oysters that are still on '$1 each Special', but I thought I'd ask CHs if bad gastric side effects are known to (or could) result from consuming 2 doz. or so. TIA.

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  1. My brother once joked years ago that he'd "ate a dozen oysters, but only three of them 'worked' ." Go figure...

    For raw oysters, I love the very small ones and could eat at least two dozen of them easily. However, I would be careful after the first dozen because there is a small chance they can turn on you.

    1. Not sure, but from the Web site of a famous NOLA "oyster restaurant," there are many in their "18 Dozen Club." There must be a physical, human limit, but 18 dozen sounds like a lot to me.

      I was with my mother once, when she ate 6 dozen, and I thought that was an accomplishment. Little did I know.


      1. I will eat as many as you can put in front of me.

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          To me, the ultimate luxury is someone shucking them faster than l can eat them.

        2. Yeah, I don't think you have to worry about 2 doz. 10 dozen might be pushing it.

          But 2 dozen? That sounds like the perfect lunch to me :-)

          1. There is a possibility they could well...erupt, especially if one eats lots and has a probable reaction to them.