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Jul 30, 2013 08:25 PM

Need a good downtown Toronto restaurant for business meeting

Planning a couple of small business meetings for groups of 4 at any downtown Toronto restaurant. Food quality is top priority (wine list not a big deal), followed by decent ambient noise levels.

Any suggestions? Prefer not to book a private room.

Last time we tried Buca and it was quite loud. Already did Splendido and Kaji.

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  1. Hello Royaljelly,
    I had lunch at Canoe and was pretty good. A la carte only. Had a steak when I was there. Looks like menu had changed. Beef dish is now braised beef cheeks!

      1. second canoe. ask for a table on the west side.

        1. Not sure if you're looking for a business lunch or a business dinner.

          I've had some good business lunches at Biff's.It's energetic and moderately loud, but a little quieter than Nota Bene or Jump, in my experience. I often ask for a quieter table at Biff's, along the wall of the restaurant, rather than in the centre. Might consider Luma(although I like the food at Biff's more) or Le Select, which don't tend to have much background noise at lunch.

          I'd think Pangaea would be a good option for a place with less background noise, but I haven't dined there.
          Stock and Cafe Boulud might be 2 other restaurants to consider. Has anyone lunched at either? Most reports seem to be related to dinner or weekend brunch.

          If the meetings are at lunch, and planned for September, you might consider dining at Osgoode Hall's Great Hall or the Gallery Grill at Hart House at U of T. Both are closed in Aug, afaik.

          Is Daisho at the Shangri La open at lunch? How noisy is it? {Edit: Daisho opens at 5 pm for dinner.} Daisho and Shoto might be worth considering for dinner.

          Could also consider Jacobs and Barberian's.

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          1. re: prima

            Pangea is a good choice as well! The elevated area is a bit more private and quiet.
            Love David Lee's food, but Nota Bene will be a little bit too buzzing and noisy during lunch time for a quiet business meeting.
            Cafe Boulud is very cozy and tranquil. Another ideal place! Food is more than acceptable. Here's my luncheon experience.

            1. re: prima

              Love shoto but it's not a good place for a business dinner where any business will be discussed, you're sitting at a counter so even on the corner seats the people on each end can't really talk to each other and there's effectively no privacy.

            2. thx for the replies thus far, sorry I forgot to mention it should be for dinner (tues or wed nights)