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Jul 30, 2013 07:18 PM

Difficulty clicking through photo galleries

The difference in vertical size of the banner ads that are above the photo galleries makes the "next" arrow load in a different place on certain pages (usually when a chow ad is displayed, as they seem to be shorter than many third party ads, though I just got an LG & a Halo ad that were also short) so instead of being able to just click the next button I have to reposition the mouse. I don't usually look at the position of the mouse indicator as I'm clicking through - I'm focused on the pictures and words beneath the arrows, so it just slows down my process a bit.

It's a small frustration, but it's been present as long as I've been browsing photo galleries on chow, so I thought it worth mentioning. Maybe it's on purpose so that I'll actually look at the ad, but hopefully not. Maybe you could add a border to all "undersized" ads to make them match a pre-set standard?

Thanks for any help.

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