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Jul 30, 2013 05:59 PM

Moving to San Francisco [the Mission] - What are the must hit spots?

I'm currently staying in the peninsula while awaiting my lease in the city to begin. I'll be living in off 22nd St close to Potrero Ave. I don't mind walking or taking public transport if I have to.

I saw the thread below but was looking for suggestions for a resident versus a visitor.

Is American Grilled Cheese Kitchen any good? I've heard it being hyped up a bit, but I'm not sure what to make of that..

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  1. Since you'll be a resident, you should just plunge in and start eating; don't wait for our opinions. There are many threads on this board specifically about the Mission...

    1. Ice cream, coffee, bakeries, Cal-Italian, Bar Tartine, tacquerias near the 24th street BART station, craft cocktails, craft beer, St. Vincent for their wine list.

      There's a lot of threads on the mission including "walking tours" etc. to search for.

      Is there anything in particular you are looking for? If you search for the best rated categories in the above categories, in the Mission, on yelp that's a good rough guide. Report your experiences and if there's something in particular you are trying to find we can help you find it.

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        Thanks. I'm mostly trying to get a sense of the local flavor versus looking for anything specific.

        I mean, I do enjoy; ice cream, bakeries, craft cocktails, and craft beer but wasn't really looking for specific suggestions in that regard.

        While extremely DC centric (my home!) the following list should kind of give you an idea of what I really like:

        Izakaya Seki, Daikaya - Japanese Izakayas
        Toki Underground - Singaporean ramen
        Thai X-ing - Authentic Thai
        Lavagna - farm fresh concept
        DGS Delicatessen - Upscale deli
        Blue Duck Tavern - more upscale local/farm fresh concept
        Maple Avenue - eclectic fusion with more of an asian influence.

        1. re: WSJ

          So, there isn't a lot of decent asian in the mission. There's Namu Gaji which is worth trying and maybe a few others that other board members know.

          Dosa - upscale South Indian.

          Everything in the $$-$$$$ (in the new american category) is basically farm fresh in SF at this point - we are completely overwhelmed with California/New American style restaurants. There's probably about 200 new American restaurants in SF, with about 100 doing competent organic/farm to table type concepts.

          Basically the eats in the $$-$$$ish category are awesome enough in the mission that just eating through that on Yelp will keep you happy for a good long while. (Looking at about 100 decently well reviewed restaurants for the Mission neighborhood alone).

          Report on your experiences! Let us know once you have eaten out a bit what the disappoints are and what you need help with. But you are moving into probably one of the highest concentration of good/diverse restaurants in a 2 mile square in the whole U.S. (definitely in the top 20).

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            I forgot to mention, I also love middle easter/Mediterranean foods as well (I grew up eating a lot of that and ethiopian). I also really enjoy mezzes and tapas

            The Jose Andres restaurants (Jaleo and Zaytinya) really execute those concepts well, Spanish tapas and Turkish mezze plates.

            And thank you to everybody providing feedback!

            1. re: WSJ

              Not in the mission:

              If you can get in, Coqueta is the new tapas place people want to go to. Gitane has some interesting Basque inspired dishes.

              Many on this board are a fan of Aziza in SF (has Mediterranean/Middle Eastern influences).

              Zare may also be worth a try.

              1. re: goldangl95

                From recent reports, Aziza's Moroccan influences have faded to a whisper, though people are enthusiastic about the Cal-Michelin cuisine.

              2. re: WSJ

                There are a couple of Palestinian / Middle Eastern places recommended in the thread I linked to.

                Tuba on Guererro is good Turkish.


                For tapas, take the 48 bus up Church to Contigo. There's not a lot in Noe Valley that's worth the schlep up the hill, but that is.


                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  i didn't love Tuba - found everything mushy and blandish...

                2. re: WSJ

                  Troya on Clement has good mezze though it's not up to Zaytinya's standards.

                  1. re: Prabhakar Ragde

                    I see Troya recommended a lot on here, but didn't care for a meal I had there recently, and was surprised they didn't have house made bread like other places in town. What have you liked there?

                    1. re: hyperbowler

                      It's been a while... looking at the online menu, the muhamara, hummus, dolma, roasted eggplant salad, if I remember correctly. They had some daily specials. I haven't had any of the kebabs or mains.

                  2. re: WSJ

                    Truly Med on 16th is decent for shawerma and falafel, although they've gotten a little overpriced at about $10 for a shawerma.

            2. Everything in that thread would be good for residents too.

              I personally don't understand the appeal of ordering grilled cheese at a restaurant, let alone one that specializes in it. It's utterly trivial to make at home, and you get to choose your own bread and cheese.

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              1. re: Prabhakar Ragde

                i get the appeal of a grilled cheese place in an area where most people work - grilled cheese, while easy to make at home, is not easy to make in a standard office kitchen, and it also is not tasty when premade ahead of time at home and re-heated. so the location in SOMA makes sense. the location in the mission does not.

                1. re: Prabhakar Ragde

                  Not quite up there with the cereal restaurants in Berkeley (now closed). :)

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    Yes. I am usually not glad when a food business fails, but that one, I thought, "Maybe people have some sense after all."

                  1. You'll be close to El Metate.


                    The 19 but stops a few blocks away, so you might want to check out the Polk / Larkin area as well. Some of the best cheap Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in town (Lers Ros, Saigon Sandwich, Thai House Express, Bodega Bistro, Burmese Kitchen, Turtle Tower) plus bar-scene central for the under-30 crowd.