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Jul 30, 2013 05:31 PM

Cronut in YYC

Has anyone seen these babies being served in Calgary? Just wonderin......

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  1. Local blogger Dinner with Julie made them and might have brought them to Gravity Cafe...?

    Can someone tell me why this is such a big thing??

    1. Safeway has donut croissants in the croissant shape, not the donut shape. They're really good.

      As far as the fad, I'm sure it will find it's place but I don't see it taking over the world.

      1. Bought a cronut at the sait marketplace today, north campus, not sure if downtown has them. They call them "fried croissants" and they had whipped cream in the middle. $2, expensive for a donut, but worth it, really tasty, not just trendy idiocy, like i was expecting.

        1. here is a pic, i stopped eating long enough to take the photo