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Jul 30, 2013 05:25 PM

Quality Outside Dinner - within 1.5 hours of Montreal

I am looking for an alternative to something like Les trois Tilluils, - a resto, preferably on a terrace, overlooking a lake/river.....eastern townships, Laurentians are all OK....thanks for your help....a special birthday

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  1. Manoir Hovey near North Hatley fits the bill. Excellent food. On a lake. Altneratively, Ripplecove near Ayer's Cliff. I would choose Hovey.

    1. We used to go to LaSapiniere in the Laurentians. The dining room is lovely especially at night as the tables look out to a small lake. You might want to look it up.

      1. Les Jardins Sauvages

        Their screened in terrace is on the Achigan River.

        They also have a kiosk at the Jean Talon Market where you can get more details. But cribbing from their Facebook page, they are "a bucolic restaurant 45 minutes outside of Montreal, specializing in edible wild plants, wild mushrooms, game and local cuisine."

        1. I greatly regret loss of Auberge Hatley - did chef and others land any where woth noting?

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            Alain Labrie has since become the chef owner of La Table du Chef in Sherbrooke.

          2. The Gazette had a very positive review on Chez Noeser, a fine-dining restaurant in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal.


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              When Lesley Chesterman gives a restaurant 2.5 stars out of 4 (as she did with Chez Noeser) it basically means that it is a restaurant, and it is highly unlikely that you will get sick from eating their food. But is no great shakes.

              Some quotes:
              "The other two are nice, but suffered from a bad case of stale-crouton-itis."

              "The meats, however, lack spunk, mainly because all of them are drowned in sauce."

              "...and the foie gras is fine, but the orange sauce obliterates all the layers of flavour."

              "Good enough, but I have the same complaint I mentioned from my last review, on a menu this pricey, even one other dessert option would be appreciated. Or even serve the cake and parfait separately as these two really don’t do much for each other."

              I find Ms. Chesterman's reviews have become altogether too similar full of boilerplate material and lacking in any compelling content.

              While I don't think she's mailing it in, I fear she might have an account with Purolator...

              And if you would like a link to the review (instead of a picture):