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Jan 9, 2004 11:33 AM

Looking for Ramen in Houston!!!!!!!!

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I have been to several restaurants both sushi and japanese and have found that they serve udon, and not Ramen I was in Japan for three years, and itg seemed there were ramen shops on every corner, and in Houston over the last year I have not been able to find one. I am looking for shoyu style ramen, for those of you that have had this style ramen surely craze it almost as much as me. I have seen about 20 Pho noodle houses and absolutely zero ramen shops, so if you can help please do so, I would hate to squander my life savings on a ticket back to yokohama for a bowl of broth and noodles, but I am desparate....

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  1. HEB - 8 for $1.00...I don't know about shoyu style, but they sell beef style, pork style, chili lime style, chicken style, chili lime shrimp style...

    Sorry, couldn't resist...but I'm interested in hearing the REAL answer to your question.

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    1. re: Jesse James

      hehehe. Not quite what I'm looking for... But thnx for the suggestion.

      1. re: micahclay

        I discovered the holy grail of ramen at a small japanese joint called Yorimichi Japanese Kitchen.
        It's at 11148 Westheimer @ Wilcrest. Open 6 days from 11am to 8pm, closed tuesdays. They have ramen topped with sliced roast pork, boiled egg and vegetables, and Tonkatsu ramen topped with special pork cutlet, boiled egg and vegetables. Menu is interesting with variations of rice bowls with different toppings and pickles, and comes with miso soup (great). Other items are different udon and soba noodles.

        They also have what they call home meal replacement BBento boxes- traditional japanese assorted meal boxes tto go.

        The shopping strip where they're located also has another bigger japanese restaurant. Right next door to
        Yorimichi is a Japanese supermarket filled with all the goodies sought by nippon chowhounds called Nippan Daido U.S.A.

        Shades of Japanese town?

        1. re: Eugene

          Thanks alot from the way you described the ramen, it sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Will eat there and let you know the outcome.
          Thanks again,

            1. re: micahclay

              THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !!!! Exactly what I was looking for. Not only did they have ramen, but another hard to find treat called gyu-don(beef bowl) this mom and pop joint is a solid 9 out of 10 highly recommended. The grocery store also brings back memories.
              Thanks again Eugene!!!!
              PS I have already eaten here twice this week, even though it is a 20 minute drive....

            2. re: Eugene

              Apparently as of 2008 Yorimichi has closed...I'm so sad cause I was looking forward to the ramen since I love that style of ramen!!

        2. you and me both...

          Some good places for this in Vancouver, but can't find it in Houston.

          But this is a Viet town...

          1. Before you call and book your flight, why not try making it at home? Here's a recipe that might help.


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            1. re: Kirk

              I actually tried that recipe to no avail as I love to eat but am not much of a cook. I have used a couple of the other bob and angie recipes. Did you get that one through ? Bon has done his research, it seems that real ramen is available everywhere but in Tx.

              1. re: micahclay

                on the General Topics board folks. You might get some good ideas there, and of course you want to share your recipe finds with other Chowhounds who look to that board for everything recipe-ish.

                Let's try and keep the discussion focused here on Texas specific eats, mmmmmmm some great Texas 'Q would be good about now...


                1. re: The Chowhound Team

                  going to jenni's noodle house will post later and let you guys know how it is....

                  sorry about the recipe discussion

                  1. re: micahclay

                    Hopefully someone you are dining with, if you are dining with someone else, will try the infernal chicken dish and you can let me know how it is. Specifically if the potatoes are cooked thru and the chicken isn't rubber. I used to eat at Jenni's but these problems made me quit going, that along with the smaller portion and higher price. Hmmm? I can't imagine why I would quit going? Smaller portion, higher price and lower quality?
                    Anyway, that dish used to be awesome and I wish it were again.

                    1. re: John Scar

                      My search still continues, Jenni's had noodles similar to ramen but not cooked right, this along with the broth still being of a vietnamese(like pho)flavor and not that of a shoyu ramen, so my search still continues....

            2. According to their website, a giant buffet chain called Todai has a location in Houston. Their Dallas (Plano actually) location includes a ramen station. The Houston location is on Silber Rd. near I-10.

              I have been to the Plano location once. This is a pretty expensive, very elaborate buffet. Sushi for days, but I'm not fond enough of sushi to eat it off a buffet. Lots of other options, all seemed perfectly acceptable but maybe uninspired.

              I don't know much about Japanese food but the ramen station at Todai seems to punch the ticket at all the stops. IIrc they featured two or more types of broth, a variety of condiments and relishes, and a selection of meat or fish to add to your soup. The noodles themselves are cooked to order. I would welcome any more-informed opinion but first we have to find someone willing to pay around thirty bucks for, among other things, a bowl of noodle soup.

              In fact I think I'll ask about Todai on the General Topics board.

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              1. re: john clark

                I did here that Todai had ramen, but I also have read many bad reviews about the restaurant as well. I may very well end up eating there to satisfy my craving, but at $30 this is about $20 dollars over the nicest ramen shop i have eaten at, and like you I am not fond of buffet sushi. Sushi should be fresh, and made to order. If I decide to try and venture in Todai, I will let everyone know if I found what I am looking for. Thanks

              2. Give Ginza or Teppay a call, the later is pretty expensive but the sushi is tops.

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                1. re: John Scar

                  Thanks for the restaurant names I will definitely try them both.Thanks Again