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Jul 30, 2013 04:16 PM

Dinner in Princeton, BC - any suggestions?

We're stopping in here for a night and looking for somewhere to have dinner. Realizing this won't be an amazing dining experience but any place standout as bettern than the rest (or any recommendations of places to avoid!)

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  1. The times I have driven this route, have noticed few eating options as it really is quite a small town. There is a good European bakery for bread but not dinner. You may want to plan to stay in Penticton instead.

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      Ditto. Not worth stopping for dinner at. Might as press on to Osyoyoos, Penticton/Summerland or if coming towards Vancouver, at least Chilliwack or Harrison.

      This is the bakery ClaireLS mentioned:

      A listing of the eateries in Princeton:

      1. Reporting back:

        After a weird drive from Vancouver through thunderstorms, etc we pulled into Princeton for the night.
        I had read great things about Thomasina's but their website said they closed at 6pm so wouldn't work for dinner.
        Ended up eating at the Country Kitchen restaurant on the recommendation of our hotel and the fact that it was busy when we looked through the window. They did have two local beers on tap which was a nice surprise and my son's spaghetti and meatballs was decent but otherwise I wouldn't bother with this place.
        Unfortunately, afterwards we went for a walk in town and discovered that Thomasina's is open until 8pm and it looked great. I would recommend it for anyone else looking for options in this town.

        Also, we had a fantastic latte in the morning at Cowboys Coffee (Coco Bistro). Really top-notch which was a nice surprise.

        1. This is obviously late for your trip, but there is a terrific new player on the scene to file away for future reference - Brodo Kichen, at 483 Main Street (formerly the site of Amante Bistro). This is the brainchild of Paul Cecconi, formerly of Local Lounge and Grill in Summerland. The vibe and decor are casual, and the while the menu is "only" soup-salad-sandwich, there are some creative takes using the bounty of the Okanagan, something that Cecconi has shown a real flair for through the years. Got a chance to stop by while visiting the Farmers Market yesterday, thoroughly enjoying an Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, which had a sprinkling of olive oil bread crumbs to add a nice touch. And a smoked beef sandwich on a potato bun was balanced nicely with apricot relish, aged cheddar and arugula.

          This can be an ideal spot to build a picnic basket for a Naramata or south Okanagan wine tasting, and they also sell their own pickles and preserves.

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            i'm confused - is Brodo in Penticton or Princeton?

            the OP was asking about Princeton (about 1.5 hours west on the Crowsnest Hwy 3 from Penticton)

            regardless - thx for the tip.

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              Good catch - I was reading through some other Okanagan threads, and placed this in the wrong spot.

          2. The Country Kitchen Family Restaurant in Princeton is great, especially for quality of food and prices. I have paid more in a fancier restaurant and been less satisfied.