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Jul 30, 2013 03:46 PM

Unique eats in Columbus?

I'm in Columbus for a long weekend in August, and I'm always interested in anything new and interesting to try.

I always make sure to hit the North Market when I'm in town, and often hit Jeni's and sometimes get over to Schmidt's for my Bahama Mama fix. I'll be in the Gahanna area, but can easily get anywhere. Last time I was in town, I was taken to Cap City Diner, Mykonos, and City Barbecue.

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  1. Have you been to Lola and Giuseppe's in Gahanna? Very cute place, homemade Italian food. Very small and quaint. Lola is front of house, her husband is chef. They take good care of customers. Tell them hello from me!

    I have not been to Mezze, but lots of friends have recommended this place, also in Gahanna:

    If you go, please post review

    The Plate, in New Albany got a good write up in the Dispatch this week but mixed reviews on Yelp

    Also, fine dining in New Albany - Ella on High St.

    Report back and share what you think!

    1. I'm not sure about unique. But when I have friends in from out of town I tend to bring them to Harvest for brick oven pizza with local ingredients and Dirty Franks for tasty hot dogs and local color.

      1. Recently driving through my parents and I ate at El Arepazo in Gahanna which was really delightful ( Personally I prefered the corn cakes to the fried plantain options - but my mom loved her fish tacos and overall the meal was excellent.

        Also of late, I went to the Philco Diner with a friend (, which has amazing duck wings and excellent hush puppies. Though I prefered the savory to the sweet. The Philco Diner is basically across the street from Jeni's.

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          I forgot that I tried El Arepazo last time I was in town, and really enjoyed it. The Philco Diner sounds pretty neat!

        2. There are so many to name: Explorers Club on South High Street, new would be Frezno in Brewery District on Front Street. Columbus Underground just had some postings about adventurous eating. Next weekend Fri/Sat is the food truck festival at the Columbus Commons.

          1. How about Cincinnati Chili Rendang? You're not going to find THAT anywhere else!