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Jul 30, 2013 03:19 PM

store bought dumplings, pierogies,...

Is there a store bought (by the lb.), steamed/sauteed dumpling worth searching out ? Ethnicity not an issue. Not too doughy, no diet problems, ect...

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  1. Pierogies from Kielbasa Factory in Rockville.

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      +1 - While you're on Rockville Pike you should try the dumplings at Kam Sam and Mama's Dumplings. I believe Kam Sam has a selection of their stuff frozen near the deli bar.

    2. I think our neighbor got some great ones from Great Wall in Merrifield. There was a guy on this board who lived in Fairfax and made pierogies at home. I'll try to follow up with my neighbor, but you might search for that guy. Those posts are a year or two old by now.