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Jul 30, 2013 03:12 PM

Best restaurants for solo outings?

Can you name ten places you particularly like to eat when you go out alone for dinner in Montréal?

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  1. Park in Westmount
    Kazu On Ste Cath W.
    L'express on St Denis
    Burgundy Lion on Notre Dame W
    All these restaurants have Bar or Table seating (As you feel)

    1. I definitely second Kazu and L'Express. I've also done APDC solo once after a cancellation. Usually Joe Beef/Liverpool House/Vin Papillion (??) are good spots as well as they're crowded and busy enough that one won't feel awkward, and people at the bar tend to be chatty enough to dispel loneliness. I'd also consider Dominion Square... perhaps less for the food and more for the ambiance.
      Generally, however, if I'm on my own I'll aim cheaper by heading to one of the better asian spots... most recently Mei. The foodtrucks have also served me well in the last two months...

      1. I would have to say:

        Au pied de cochon
        Cinquième péché
        La famille
        Le petit Alep
        Décarie Hot-Dog (I know...)

        1. La Salle a manger
          Bouillon bilk
          3petits Bouchons
          Tuck shop

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          1. re: Gloriaa

            I've been to Lawrence and Bouillon Bilk. Love them!!

            Do they have bar seating at Tuck Shop and 3 petits Bouchons?

            1. re: carolilas

              Yes. I've eaten at both of them! My husband and I love eating at the bar so do so most of the time.

              1. re: Gloriaa

                I like to eat early, as soon as the restaurant opens. Do I still need to make reservations?

                1. re: carolilas

                  Typically. Tuck Shop might be OK for early walkins but it still gets very busy. I wouldn't risk it.

          2. I recently made a solo reservation at 400 Coups. Do they have seating at a bar for dining?

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