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Jul 30, 2013 02:50 PM

Chicken stir fry question, peanut butter?

Hi I am going to give a try at making this

would it be ick or maybe tasty to add some natural peanut butter and some chili paste to the recipe?


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  1. I don't use oyster sauce, so not sure how it would taste with that, but otherwise, I think it sounds yummy! I like to add peanut butter and chilies to stir fries.

    1. I would try it for sure. It sounds like it would be delicious. Start with a small amount, you can always add more

      1. Tasty for sure. In fact, I had a quick and dirty stirfry tonight with a three-ingredient sauce - soy, sriracha and peanut butter. Excellent.

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          yes, soy, pb and sambal are an easy go-to for me as well.

        2. I am sure it would be great-

          I've played around with peanut sauce and turns out great with oyster, soy, fish sauce, lime, etc.... So I might add some lime and just a bit of fish sauce if you have it.... but I bet it will rock with just the PB addition.

          1. thanks - will go with it :)

            serving it over noodles as well instead of rice