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Jul 30, 2013 02:32 PM

Salty Snacks/Foods to help with Low Blood Pressure?

My husband suffers from low BP, due to a medication that he needs to stay on. We're working with his Dr. to find the right one and right dosage. His Dr. said for him to drink bouillon or canned soup if/when it goes really low. Does anyone have any suggestions for portable snacks that are REALLY high in sodium. Any other foods, simple recipes that I can make and keep on hand, the soup does the trick, but it's not really portable, and it gets old.
Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

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  1. I have low pressure and just add salt (or broth) to regular food, rather than eat specific "salty foods". I just make something I like and add broth or salt. For me - coffee also helps and of course drinking a lot of water. If I become the least bit dehydrated, I get dizzy very easily. Very important to keep the body hydrated.

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      Similarly here. Gatorade and I salt everything. I'm not big on bagged salted snacks.

    2. salted nuts? Sunflower seeds (in shell, lots of salt)

      1. I have low blood pressure as well. I take care to stay well hydrated but without enough salt in my diet, it just goes right through me.

        Unfortunately, my tastebuds are extremely salt sensitive, but I do snack on sesame sticks, which are fairly high in calories and sodium for a small-ish, portable serving. The TJs brand I buy contain 350mg/serving.

        1. I am on high blood pressure meds and occasionally have a really... really low reading. While pretzels and jerky come to mind, I just carry a few of the restaurant salt packets. It should start dissolving on the tongue, and you can wash it down with whatever liquid is handy. Tasty, no. Does the trick, yes.

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            That's a great and very sensible solution.

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              i was thinking of the little packets of soy sauce you get with take-out chinese and sushi.

          2. Pickles! I always find out the hard way when I eat one or ten too many. It sure does add on water which I'm sure for a while might increase your pressure before your body regulated itself. I'm a fainter and my doctor often recommends a cup of bouillon cubes in water if you need a quick boost.

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              Pickles reminds me of Bubbies Sauerkraut, which is just cabbage, water, and salt. I've noticed a couple of other probiotic krauts at natural food stores. I think the higher quality offerings are worth the money, if you like this sort of thing. Not exactly portable, though.