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Anyone know where I can buy some breadfruit? For some reason I seem to be craving it right now. Haven't seen any at the farmer's markets or at Chinatown either. Maybe my best bet would be to go to a polynesian market in kalihi? Not really interested in driving around the neighborhood looking for someone with a breadfruit tree.

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  1. I'm lucky - my neighbor has a huge old beautiful ulu tree, he doesn't eat them so he doesn't care that I take them. My dog likes it quite a bit as well.

    1. try posting a wanted ad on craigslist

      once we found a person who wanted all the macnuts in his yard removed

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        that is a very unique and great suggestion!

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          For some reason this method never occurred to me. I just decided to take a look and lo and behold there is already an ad requesting breadfruit! I guess i'm not the only one having a hard time finding it. On another note, I was just on the Kona side of the Big Island and while driving down the highway in the Captain Cook area it seemed all the houses viewable from the highway had breadfruit trees.

        2. The market at City Square in Palama/Kalihi tends to have more 'polynesian' foods than some of the other markets. There is also the Waipahu Festival Marketplace is another possibility.

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            I checked yelp, they suggest Kalihi Market - 2161 N School St and Tammy's Polynesian Market - 717 N King St

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              Thanks for the suggestions. Like I thought, heading into Kalihi is probably my best bet.

          2. I'd call Tamashiro Market to check availability. I've done my share of shopping at the "Chinatown Market" at City Square (corner of Dillingham and Kohou) and don't remember seeing ulu for sale there by any vendor. In fact, I would characterize most of the offerings as targetting Filipino shoppers. However, vendors do change there fast.

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              I thought they only sold fish! (tamashiro)

              Chinatown marketplace is still growing and you can find some of the strangest stuff there. I never heard of wing beans before.

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                I have seen ulu at Tamashiro's. They don't have it all the time.

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                  thanks for the confirmation. good to know.

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                  Wing Beans are reported to have a very high level of protein. Very healthy.

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                    Tamashiro Market also serves as a neighborhood grocery store. They carry eggs, milk, and produce that appeals to their clientele like different types of taro, ulu and eating as well as cooking bananas. If you've always gone directly to the fish counters, a look-see among the other crowded aisle is an experience.

                    I think I'll check out the new (and large) Palama Market at the end of the block where Tamashiro is located and see what they have to offer the neighborhood folk.

                3. look at the today section in today's (7/31) star advertiser, there's a farm in Waimanalo that grows breadfruit and other organics.

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                    Yeah, I noticed that. Self-sustainability is great, but it seems like they are still working out the process.

                  2. Just decided to post an update. This week I was able to find breadfruit in Chinatown. Only 1 vendor, but 1 is all I need. Today I went to the KCC Farmer's market and what do I see at Otsuji Farms' stall? That's right, they had breadfruit.

                    1. Careful...Captain Bligh and the HMS Bounty went looking for breadfruit..and look where it got them.

                      1. what does breadfruit taste like/what is the texture?

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                          it varies depending on preparation. a friend of my family makes a wonderful breadfruit salad that is remarkably similar to potato salad made from boiled breadfruit. If you bake it it is somewhat bread like. the taste is mild and somewhat starchy, but more 'vegetative' than potatoes.

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                            In Malaysia, the native Malays deep-fry sliced, battered breadfruit and serve those as an afternoon tea-time snack:


                            I read somewhere that the fruit got its name because, when roasted, it exuded an aroma like freshly-baked bread.

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                              Taste like bread crossed w potato. Texture is like coarse baked yams. Great baked w lots of butter!

                            2. just realized neighbor day care center has a breadfruit tree. they're not ripe yet, but when they are, i'll try some, they give us avocadoes when they're in season.