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Jul 30, 2013 02:22 PM

Weekend escape in August - Need some guidance

My husband and I just planned a semi-last minute get away for Aug 9-11. I'm out there for work that week so we're pawning the kids off to the grandparents :). We got so much great advice from this board for our Napa trip a few years ago so I thought I'd ask for your expertise once again.

1) Looking for a place for an earlier dinner and later drinks on Friday night. Maybe tapas or small plates? We're doing the Beach Blanket Babylon show so was thinking eating before and then drinks / late night nibbles afterwards. We're staying at the Hilton in Union Square so close to here or the theater would be great but not required. We love farm-to-table spots and craft cocktails also Italian and Spanish cuisine. Price isn't a concern.

2) Saturday morning we're going to get up and hit the Ferry market then drive out to Napa (I know it's a long drive for just one night but we have such great memories of our trip there we want to get another small sample of the region). Our Saturday late afternoon plans and dinner are taken care of. On Sunday, I was thinking about driving back into the city for brunch somewhere in the Mission area before catching our 4pm flight out of SFO. I have a reservation at Foreign Cinema for 12:45 (earliest they had). Seems doable to me with needing to be back at SFO around 2:30, but do you think this will be too rushed? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions! We'll be sure to report back on our experiences.

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  1. There isn't much walking distance to Beach Blanket Babylon. Convenient taxi/Uber distance from BBB or your hotel: Gitane, Quince (or it's casual sister Cotogna), Perbacco, Seven Hills.

    Coqueta is the hot Spanish inspired restaurant of the moment - hard to get reservations - not particularly close to BBB or your hotel but not too far either.

    1. Interestingly, we just did the exact trip two weeks ago. It was great. Stayed at the Hilton Union Square, went to North Beach for dinner (didn't have tickets for Babylon but would have liked to go). Go to Sotto Mare it's fantastic - if there are only two of you get there early i.e. 5:30PM (it was 7:30 our time so was ok). Sit at the counter and get the cioppino. It is on Green Street which curiously has been renamed Beach Blanket Babylon Street so assume it's very close to the show. If you are in half good shape you can easily walk to and from the hotel. The Saturday Farmers Market at the Ferry Bldg was very nice. Never saw purple green peppers before, so many beautiful squash blossoms, killer fresh mushrooms and the variety of micro greens anywhere else - wished we had rented a condo some we could have gone home and cooked. Have a mexican breakfast at the Primavera stand - there will be a line and remember that you can order half plates so you can try several things. We eat Mexican breakfasts at home frequently and this was awesome. While it sounds like you are covered in Napa you couldn't go wrong for dinner at Ad Hoc, great burgers at Gott's and the best breakfast sandwiches on English muffins at the Model bakery on the main street in St. Helena!

      1. 2 places we like are Capps Corner 150 feet from the show. Old school italian that hasn't disappointed us. The other is called Orignial US Resturant at the corner down from the show. Great food and very reasonably priced. Without reservations there be will be a wait.

        1. Other options in North Beach are Original Joe's, The House or Park Tavern. 51 Romolo, Comstock Saloon or Rickhouse for drinks after.

          For farm to table in the Mission on Sunday, other choices would be Local Mission Eatery or Slow Club. It should take you 25 minutes to get to the airport from the Mission. Or how about Plow on Potrero Hill?

          1. Some great suggestions here! Thanks all for the advice! Unfortunately my work plans have changed at the last minute and now I have to be in Memphis instead (guess I'll have to console myself w some great bbq). So, we have had to put our weekend plans in San Fran on hold for a date later this fall. So disappointing after looking up all these places and seeing how great the food looks, but I've written them all down so we can take advantage of them when we do get out there.