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Jan 7, 2004 09:41 PM

Boudin (SE TX)

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Any suggestions for the best boudin in 1) Houston and 2) the Beaumont area?

On I-10 from Houston to Beaumont I like to stop in Winnie and get a link to go from Al-T's. It's good.

Am wondering about other good boudin in Houston and the Beaumont area.

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  1. Try Abe's Cajun Deli and restaurant on Clear Lake City Blvd. in Clear Lake just south of Houston. All things cajun and many types of boudin.

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    1. re: ken

      Thanks, the web description below makes it sound good!


      1. re: Tex Nosh

        Next time your on the road between Houston and Beaumont, pass on Al-T's and stop at DJ's Country Store at the Hankamer Exit. It's just a gas station and convenience store, but the Barbeque and Boudin are really great. No kidding.

        1. re: Tom

          The place at Exit 800 is called DJ’s West - I wonder if it’s related to DJ’s of Beaumont???

          (The locations page on the website displays nothing).

          The girl at the counter said the boudin was made on premises. It was pretty good, almost too hot to handle. I think it was just nuked though; the casing was gummy instead of crisp.

          I’ve bought boudin before at B&W Meat Co. on North Shepherd and they take it out of a box labeled DJ’s that says it’s from Beaumont. I bring it home and grill it and I like it better when the casing is crisp as well as a little gummy.

          More lately I’ve seen DJ’s at my local HEB but I haven’t tried it. I guess it’s all the same product?

          The best boudin I’ve had in Houston is at Burt’s Cajun Meat Market in Denver Harbor (5810 Lyons, near Kress). They serve from a steam table all day long and they have regular, smoked and hot varieties, served as links or loose, with the casings removed. They also sell the products to take home and cook but I haven’t tried that yet. The links are about twice the size of DJ’s with lots of good piggy liver flavor and grains of rice that are not all broken up and mushy. They also don't mince the other ingredients like parsley and green onion as finely. Being served off a steam table unfortunately means the casing isn't crispy the way I like it.

          The gumbo at Burt's is awesome, dark and rich. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. Watching the server deftly blend the rice and gumbo in the cup with the ladle the first time I went I wanted to reach over the counter and grab it out of her hand and scarf it down like the sap in those Campbell Soup commercials. Good thing I didn’t – it’s piping hot.

          It’s so loaded with sausage (maybe 2 kinds?) and chicken and shrimp and the roux is so thick, it’s practically forkable. All you get is a spork, by the way.

          There’s no place to eat in the store so I’ve eaten in the parking lot but I’ve discovered there’s a small park behind the Tuttle branch of the Library at the corner of Lyons and Kress.

          Burt’s has a big menu. One other thing that looks good is the fried pork chop but they also have catfish, chicken n’ dumplings, mac ‘n cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, dirty rice and so on. The line can be pretty long but it usually moves pretty fast.

          1. re: brucesw

            DJ's is no longer made on site. It is made at the Zummo's Sausage plant in Beaumont. Incidentally, my favorite boudin is Zummo's venison boudin.

            1. re: El General

              It's been a couple of years since I had some Zummo's but I remember thinking it was pretty good. Are you saying Zummo's and DJ's are the same?, or are they made from the same recipe, just different labels?

              I don't think I've ever seen the venison; I'll look for it.

              1. re: El General

                I'm not sure where you got this information, but just to let everyone know it is incorrect. We have been in business since March of 1985 and have always produced our own products. In fact when Zummo's first introduced boudain on the market, we produced it for them and let them put their name on it! The way to tell where any USDA product is made is to look for the USDA inspection stamp on the label. Each plant is assigned a
                differrent number. Zummo's is 13040 (if I remember correctly) and DJ's is 13246

              2. re: brucesw


                What else do they sell at B&W? I had a friend that was looking for a full pork belly. Do you think they would have that?

                1. re: danhole

                  I used to have a link to a website I think but as per usual I can't find it. I think someone comes through in the middle of the night and deletes the bookmarks on my computer! It wasn't much more than a welcome page as I recall. It's a huge meat market; I have an acquaintance who swears by it but as far as I can tell, it's all choice, no prime. I've gone mostly for the sausage - they make maybe a dozen different varieties -- may have jerky, now that I think of it. (I saw your comment that your husband is a sausage hound). They also carry frozen meats and seafood and it's like a small convenience store with lots of items. Also make their own seasonings, sold only in rather large containers, though. I don't know about the pork belly. You could find a # for them on line and call them up. If you go, be sure to 'take a number.' Even if the store is virtually empty, they'll ignore you if you don't have a #. Otherwise, they're friendly people.

                2. re: brucesw

                  bruce - we're 2 of a kind. I've eaten at Burt's for years and been to those tables by the library many times. Burt's is terrific. The gumbo is truly outstanding. I'm also a big fan of the peach cobbler, the chicken & dumplings and the okra/corn thing. The red beans/rice are usually too fatty. The greens are sometimes good, sometimes not. The cabbage is usually a winner.

                  1. re: kerr721

                    Actually I probably learned of Burt's from you, if you're the same person who used to post on a certain newsgroup. That group is pretty dead these days but I went over there to search out some recs on boudin and came across your post about Burt's and had to go check it out.

                    I've seen the chicken and dumplings but I think it'll be a few more visits before I'm ready to pass up the gumbo. There were other things on the menu that I can't remember now that I want to try; the fried pork chop looked interesting. The greens have not looked very good when I've been there.

                    I've never eaten at the Park yet, just saw it for the first time my last trip when I came onto Lyons via Kress instead of Lockwood.

                    I think I also learned of Cafe Rita from you on that group; I didn't get around to trying that until earlier this year and posted about it on the Try Something New thread. It was named best of something-or-other by the Press either this year or last, can't remember which. I really liked that one, too.

                    1. re: brucesw

                      That's me. The other group is dead & I rarely visit anymore. I haven't had the pork chops at Burt's, so can't comment. And I've never been to Cafe Rita....or are you talking about Rita's Lebanese on Dairy Ashford? (which is good stuff).

                      Be on your toes eating in that park. Last time there a couple of men who straddle that fine line between employed & homeless came wandering by to pass the time. Kind of amusing....I hadn't even noticed them but they announced long before coming my way as they were walking, "don't worry, we're not gonna bother you". Pretty funny as I looked up from my gumbo to see them. I left them my thing of un-eaten cabbage & some crackers (I had bought more than I could eat!).

                      1. re: kerr721

                        I thought the name was Cafe Rita - yeah, the place across from the high school out there -- good stuff.

                        Thanks for the heads up on the park. So far I've always bought more than I can eat, too.

          2. You might try calling Hebert's (pronounced HayBear's) Specialty Meats. They have two locations in Houston:
            4714 Richmond Ave.
            1023 Dairy Ashford

            They do have great andouille!

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            1. re: Stephen

              Hebert's now has 3 locations in Houston. They practically puree the meat and rice and other ingredients - it's tasty but I don't like that texture as much - Cajuns argue as much about boudin as Texans do about bbq and Tex-Mex I guess.

              Veron's up in the Kingwood/Atascocita area makes their own boudin too, but I haven't tried it. Their products have been available in the past at Spec's downtown but I haven't seen them lately.



            2. I know a guy that's trying to start a business making boudin in Houston. This guy makes the best food I've ever had!

              1. There is a new place in Clear Lake, I think it's named Abe's but cannot remember now. It's owned by the middle son of the man that owns Abe's in Lake Charles. They bring the crawfish boudin over from LC and boy is it great! I used to drive the two hours to LC just to get that boudin.

                1. Hands down the best boudin in Port Arthur (20 minutes east of Beaumont) is Nicks grocery on 39th St.. They have been there for 30 years plus. They have it hot, ready to eat or cold, heat it yourself. They usually have 4 to 5 different kinds, chicken, pork, crawfish and others. Great boudin!!

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                  1. re: Jeb

                    I agree. Nick's has the best boudain in the whole world. Judice's in Port Arthur is ok, but it's just not Nick's. You might try the stuffed pork chops at Nick's, as well. I love them.