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Take out BBQ between Thousand Oaks and Burbank

I've been put in charge of getting take out BBQ for a small party for a Sunday night and I was wondering about great BBQ places between Thousand Oaks and Burbank.
Should I make it easy on myself and just get Wood Ranch or Stone Fire Grill BBQ or is there something else in the SF Valley that I should try?
Ribs USA....?

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      Do they still have the BBQ in the parking lot of Jim's Fallbrook Market in Woodland Hills, on Saturdays? It was pretty tasty.

      1. re: SoCalMuncher

        Yes, the BBQ is still there every weekend.

    2. Smoke City Market on Van Nuys Blvd. should do the trick...

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        Smoke City is pretty good. The one time I've gone (so far) I got the combo with brisket (very good) and pulled pork (good). Portions looked a bit small at first but I got two hefty meals out of the meats and two sides (mac'n'cheese -- good, chili -- tasty but a bit thin). Haven't tried their ribs.

      2. Hardy's BBQ on Moorpark at Coldwater is great. Open Sat and Sun 2-7 in the lot behind the market.

        1. you're going to want to stay away from the bbq at ribs usa.
          smoke city is a good rec.
          some people like dr. hoggly wogglys in van nuys.
          some people like kc bbq in n. hollywood.

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            smoke city or dr. hoggly woggly's could be great, but both have their detractors. some family members of mine find the smoke forward and less sweet taste of smoke city to be overwhelming, while others find dr. hoggly woggly's a little crude and a little too sweet. I like both very much for different reasons.

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              Buy a little of both and mix them together? Sounds good to me.

          2. Smoke City is great. I like the ribs at Lenny's in Chatsworth, too. They have chicken & tri tip as well.

            1. green Acres in Simi Calley has really good tritip and chicken. Not sure how big your par is, they do catering for groups

              Here is a direct linkmtomthe menu http://www.simigreenacres.com/pdf/bbq...

              1. The best BBQ spare ribs I've ever had in my life are at Roger's Rib Shack in Northridge. Better than Lenny's in Chatsworth, although they're very good also. Roger also has brisket and tri tip, but I haven't tried those. I've been to Smoke City once and wasn't a huge fan.

                Roger's Rib Shack
                8450 Reseda Blvd

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                  Based on your rec, I tried Roger's, but was very disappoined in everything, except for the Mac 'n' cheese and the spicy links. The pulled pork and tri-tip had no smoke flavor at all. The ribs were nothing special and not tender at all.

                2. Interesting that nobody has mentioned My Brother's Place or the Rib Ranch

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                  1. re: mucho gordo

                    never heard either one mentioned on CH.

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                      Another one you don't hear about is El Paso BBQ on Ventura in Tarzana

                  2. Another vote for Smoke City. They do a very specific style from Central Texas - minimal seasonings (salt, pepper and smoke only), and sell meat by the pound wrapped in butcher paper.

                    That's the way it's done in Texas Hill Country. The sides were ok, but really it's about the meat.

                    It's not the place I'd steer you to if you're looking to fill a trough with meat + a big assortment of side dishes for "filler" and expect to feed an army for a song. That's not what they're about.

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                    1. re: Professor Salt

                      If you go to Smoke City and put your name and email in for their club, you (I) get an email with a printable coupon good for 10% off.

                      1. re: Professor Salt

                        completely agree. like smoke city a lot but not some place i consider a bargain especially compared to the texas sampler at bludsos

                        for a party, i'd probably go to either handy's market in burbank or hardy's market in north hollywood. they both have bbq only on weekends.

                      2. Smoke city is delicious! I had a pork and a beef sandwich yesterday and didn't eat them until hours later. Amazing and well worth the $10 lunch price. The sauces also were so good I could drink them. The vinegar and the spicy BBQ sauces amazing. You could get sandwiches for the party, leave them wrapped and in a pile. They come wrapped and labeled (by hand) so you can get even chicken (going back to try that).. Bread was good too...not the white sliced served w/ their dinners, although it was white. As someone said, sides are inconsequential and the iced tea is not home brewed. Just get a bunch of sandwiches. The meat is unbelievable and exactly what the fuss is all about. Drool-able. Must go back.

                        1. The Pit BBQ on alameda and Glenoaks in Burbank has pulled pork or brisket empanadas served with chimichurri. Apparently the family came from Argentina to Texas. They also have wings which I haven't tried.

                          207 e alameda ave