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Jul 30, 2013 01:21 PM

Food That Travels Well

I am planning a vacation to Virginia Beach for Labor Day weekend. We will be staying in a hotel from Friday-Monday morning. Breakfast will be hotel food--cereal, oatmeal, fruit, etc. Any suggestions for food for Shabbat dinner and lunch that can be prepared in advance and will travel well? We will have a refrigerator and possibly a microwave. How can we make a Shabbat dinner that doesn't feel like a depressing tuna-fish-and-crackers affair? Any tips?

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  1. you can premake anything that you would serve cold

    grilled chicken or seared steak for a chicken/steak ceaser

    ive also been known to bring a crock pot to a hotel and cook it it, just needs to sit on like a cookie sheet or something to make sure nothing leaks

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    1. Cold soups (gazpacho, fruit soup); almost any salad-y dish (pasta salad, grain salad, couscous, bean salad, etc.); grilled veggies, grilled meat . . . If you bring wraps, you can make a very substantial meal with grilled meat, salad, grilled veggies, some sort of dressing. And many local supermarkets will have lots of stuff you can buy rather than shlep (chummus with a hechsher can be found almost everywhere, for ex.)

      1. I like making baguettes with some good cheese, or even peanut butter and a quality jam when you need something shelf-stable. Add some upscale chips, baby carrots, hummus and olives to round out the meal.

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          PB & J--even using quality jam--isn't my idea of a shabbat meal, but to each his own.

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            Fair enough, but when you need to go with shelf-stable and portable, it works for me.

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              But OP said they'll have a fridge and microwave, not that they needed shelf-stable.

        2. You could bring a George Foreman and a sandwich machine. We did that in the Bahamas and it was wonderful.

          1. As someone else added, cold cuts travel reasonably well and can be eaten, well, cold. Schnitzel can also be served cold (w/dipping sauces, usually).

            Not that it helps for Shabbat, but there is a kosher pizza place these days in Norfolk, which might help for food on Sunday. It's called Pepe New York. Nothing special, but it's kosher food.

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              I saw something about that last night. Is it decent and clean? Maybe we'll drive over there on Sunday if our supplies dwindle.

              1. re: DevorahL

                I was there a few weeks ago. Pizza was super oily (and had likely been sitting there for a bit) but they had a nice pasta bar with a few different options.