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Dragon Fruit ....How sweet ?

I recently had my first Dragon Fruit So how sweet do they get ? The one I had while refreshing was so so and really not as sweet as I would have liked.

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  1. I don't find them especially sweet, actually. Kind of like a pear- not a similar flavor but a sort of mild refreshing flavor.

    1. The ones i've had don't get all that sweet. Nor do they have a particularly strong flavor. And the texture isn't quite soft / juicy, nor is it crispy / crunchy. yet, I enjoy it immensely. ON a hot day, they are very refreshing because somehow it all works together.

      1. it really never had much of flavor to me... it is pretty..but kind of like under ripe asian pear

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        1. I have only had them 2 or 3 times. They were never very sweet or very sour to me. They are like the bland version of Kiwi fruit.

          1. I get them locally and fresh picked, and they really don't get intensely sweet - it's a fairy mild flavour.

            1. One of the most boring fruits I've ever had. Not sweet and not much to them.

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                Yeah, I agree. Pitaya (dragon fruit) is very bland to me. However, I have had it once as an ingredient for a dessert and it worked out well. It is so mild that it didn't overwhelm the dessert.

                "...The double boiled egg part is not any more different than other places, but the inclusion of pitaya bowl was creative. I usually dislike pitaya due to its bland taste, and much prefer the flavorful kiwi fruits. However, kiwi fruits won’t work here because of the strong favor. The contrast of the smooth double boiled egg white and milk and the crunchy seeds from pitaya worked very well. Interesting and refreshing....."


              2. I have bought the red ones a few times around here, not too impressive.
                But - on a recent trip to Ecuador we were introduced to the local yellowish variety and that one was really delicious and sweet. I wish I could buy them here. ( just don't eat more than two if not used to it....)

                1. I had a dragonfruit once and won't get one again. There are other fruits i prefer that are sweeter and more refreshing (like an asian pear, lychee, or aprium!).