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Jul 30, 2013 10:43 AM

Anoush on a coupon - Rimrock and Allen Expwy - $8 for 16 -worthwhile

170 Rimrock
416 398 9955
Hard to find because of weird street numbering
It is in the plaza on the north west corner, Rimrock and Allen Expwy, McDonalds right on the corner. In the middle, betweeen Bell and Starbucks, across from the rear of Corning

Canadianized Arabic cooking. Fresh, wholesome
Some of it a bit salty, but lots of sauces to cover.
Kebabs, shawarma, fried fish on Tueday and Friday.
Generous with salads and rice, etc.
Reasonably priced for a lot of food.
Eat in or takeaway.
A franchise. Seven or eight locations. Armenian Iraqui franchisor.

For a plate. You start along the service line the other side of the cold table and the person serving will put whatever you want on your plate, without limit to the number of items. Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, coleslaw, humus, tabuleh, crumbled feta, rice, majaddrah (bit of curry, not oily, quite OK), pickled turnip, hot pepper, roast potatoes and more. Generous amounts. On this full plate your kebab or shawarma is placed.
Sandwiches as well.

$8.49 to 8.99 if a meat plate, $7.49 for falafel plate.

I had the chicken shawarma sandwich, $6.49, and the lamb kefta kebab plate to go, $8.49.
The kefta kebob was quite OK and was on a big plate of salads and rice.
The shawarma sandwich was plain and depended on sauces, but I never use them except amba, which they don't have .

A quick, good lunch or supper at a reasonable price.
Friendly staff.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Got it.

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    1. re: magic

      I went recently and used my voucher. Very good stuff.

      Fresh, tasty, abundant veggies. Delish shawarma and sauces. Lovely owner.

      I'll for sure be back.

    2. I am upgrading the rating on the kefta kebob plate.
      I had a bit of this at lunch, then left it sitting in the car for 7 hours and finished it for supper at ambient car temperature. The flavours had matured. The plate went from quite OK to very good and satisfying, acknowledging the level that Anoush claims for itself.
      A Chowfind if the cooking were a bit more "authentic". You know what.........there was a lot more pleasure than I would expect at $8.49. Furthermore, the tabuleh was as good as I have had anywhere and went nicely with the kebab.
      No oil problem but I avoid all the sauces and dressings.

      Remember not to be shy and to ask for things to the point that your plate is loaded up as if you are at a buffet. I needn't tell CHers to avoid the lettuce; it just fills the plate with air.

      1. There is a coupon on Onespout available for another day.
        I had the chicken shawarma plate. Not a bombshell, but we are not in Beirut nor Baghdad. Good grub, wholesome, lots to eat and reasonably priced.

        1. Another group buying deal for this Anoush location if you are intersted, or if anyone else might be interested: