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Jul 30, 2013 10:25 AM

Drinks at or near Grand Central for this evening. Suggestions, please!

I am meeting a dear friend for a really quick drink near Grand Central tonight. We have a tight window, so would like to find a place where you can sit and talk (and hear eachother) and get in and out relatively fast. We've done the Oyster Bar before, I find that Campbell Apts is usually too packed. Any other suggestions? It doesn't have to be in the Station, but a block or two away would be our limit. Thanks!

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  1. There's Grand Hyatt right next door, and it has a bar on the mezzanine floor called "New York Central Bar". It has more tables and is relatively less crowded than Campbell Apts.

    1. Is the Iraquois Hotel on 44th too far for you? Lantern's Keep is an awesome little cocktail bar in the hotel, open from 5PM on weekdays, takes reservations, and I can only say that it has been very quiet when we've been there. This is no throw together drinks place, these are well crafted cocktails.

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        Lantern's Keep is amazing.
        If you want to walk down to E 33 Middle Branch is worth the trip.

      2. La Fonda del Sol is in the MetLife Building on the Vanderbilt Ave side, very accessible from Grand Central. I've been there for cocktails and tapas.

        Also in the MetLife Building on the 45th Street side are Cafe Centro and Naples 45, which both have outdoor spaces in the summer.

        1. The Bar Under at Andaz Hotel