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Jul 30, 2013 09:56 AM

ISO: Wahoo

A coworker of mine said she had the best ever fish tacos when she visited Bermuda. They made the fish tacos using a fish called Wahoo, which apparently is dense rather than flaky. Does anyone know where to find Wahoo in Toronto? Or is there a similar fish that is available here?

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  1. It is known as Ono in Hawaii, and I have seen that for sale, rarely.
    Wahoo is related to King Mackerel, which may be available as Kingfish in PanAsian stores.
    Also related to Spanish Mackerel, widely available at Diana's, RCSS and Asian markets, T&T or Skyland for starters.

    1. Although not the same, mahi mahi makes a good substitute and if you're in a real pinch, try grouper. BTW, did your co-worker say where he/she ate the "best ever" taco in Bermuda?

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          I have had wahoo fish sandwiches in bermuda several times, it is by far my favorite fish,(best one was at black horse tavern in st.davids). I wish I could find something similar in toronto i have heard mahi mahi is similar but can't find that either.

          *I found PC blue has mahi mahi, 2 fillets (280g) for $10 not that cheap but will try it out.

        2. If you haven't tried it, Foxley on Ossington makes a great wahoo ceviche.

          1. I have seen frozen fish labelled as Wahoo at foody chinese super market...