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Jul 30, 2013 09:20 AM

Manchester NH recs

I am going to a convention in September in Manchester NH. Any place I should try to get to???


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  1. you might have fun checking the free weekly newspaper Hippo Press. They have a website, too. There's a little restaurant on Elm St (Manchester's main street) within walking distance of the Center of NH (assume that's where your convention will be held). Lala's has wonderful Hungarian pastries.

    1. Republic is one of the more unique restaurants around. Hanover Street Chophouse is great for all around outstanding meal, though as a steakhouse it doesn't stand out from others I've ever been to. Dancing Lion has beautiful chocolates. Strange Brew if you want to taste some NH beers.

      1. Chez Vachon in West Manchester (otherside of the river) which has wonderul French Quebec fare.
        Open for breakfast & lunch.

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          could you tell me more....especially about the breakfast?

        2. Republic serves Mediterranean inspired, locally sourced dishes and is much loved by locals. Their fish is the freshest around. For something different, Cafe Momo is a Nepalese restaurant with spicy food and lovely staff. The chef grows his own herbs and veggies in front of the restaurant. Cotton is a good choice, as is 900 Degrees for wood fired thin crust pizza. All have websites.