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Jul 30, 2013 09:15 AM

Single Serving Coffee Pot??

I've got an espresso machine but what I really crave is a Keurig-type machine for a single serve regular coffee. Right now I'm supporting my neighborhood coffee shop which is nice....but sometimes it's pouring.......
VERY CONFUSED by all the different choices and models. Is Breville the same as Keurig? What about Cuisinart? Which is best? Read lots of poor ratings but personal experience might be more helpful....WHICH ONE SHOULD I BUY? (not much room left on my counter so small is good)

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  1. The Keurig at Costco is the best deal you'll find short of a used machine. It comes with I believe 60 K-Cups, as well as a re-usable K-Cup that you can fill with whatever grind of your favorite coffee. Buying K-cups alone can get really expensive, so the re-usable K-Cups are a must. If you don't want to shell out that much money just find a nice french press-type coffee pot.

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      This is what I have. It comes w/ 4 different "drawers" of brewing. It's a single cup, multi-use brewer. I love it. The 4 drawers are used for:

      K-cup drawer
      regular ground coffee (or loose tea)
      a water drawer (for tea, oatmeal, etc.)
      Pod drawer

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        We bought the CostCo Keurig on sale just about a month ago, and so far, so good. I had always laughed at the fools who spent that much for homemade coffee but...

        We have used the reusable K-cup, but find we need extra coffee for the strength we like.

        We've sampled various store "flavors," and we've found that Mr. P. prefers a medium roast and I've loved the Italian Roast, extra bold. Making it in a cup rather than a mug gives me the strength I prefer.

        Plus, with a discount Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, I got free shipping on a pack of extra bold for iced coffee--add ice in a tall commuter mug (not glass), brew the hot "iced coffee" pod (I know, sounds silly), add more ice, a bit of skim milk, Splenda, vanilla syrup and I have my own Skinny Latte-(ish) for about 50 cents. From what I read, buying the pods made for iced coffee mitigates the dilution effect from the ice.

      2. This is your simplest and cheapest option. Plus, it won't hog space on your counter:

        I use a small French press.

        1. My vote would be for your non-K cup options. A small moka pot works for me, a small French press, is another good option, and the pour-overs can produce wonderful coffee (I don't like pour-over since results can vary wildly with technique...if you can manage it in your pre-caffeinated state, your patience will be rewarded).

          1. The Nespresso mini. If you are a true coffee affectionado, there is nothing close to the quality of the Nespresso pods.

              1. re: FlyerFan

                This is probably the best recommendation from the standpoint of being able to make the absolute best cup of coffee.

                It doesn't have the speed or convenience of a pod machine. Or the price tag.

                A french press is a bit easier to learn to use. And both a french press and a pour-over cone can make a very good cup of coffee. But neither is as versatile as the Aeropress. And with a little practice/experimentation, the Aeropress is second to none in terms of bringing out the best in whatever beans you prefer (well, except maybe a Clover).

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                  Amen to the Aeropress. Makes a phenomenal cup of coffee, quick and easy to use and clean, takes very little space, does not need to be plugged in or sit on a counter, inexpensive to purchase and use.

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                    I am a big Aeropress fan. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and the Aeropress is the best solution. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee, I have control over the strength, it doesn't take up room on the counter, and it doesn't involve creating piles of trash for the landfill or recycle bin like the pods do. It does have a little bit of a learning curve and you should realize it is a little bit stiff when you first get it. But stick with it and you will be greatly rewarded.