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Jul 30, 2013 07:19 AM

Stella D'Oro, Middletown- a shame

(I had originally just posted this on an old thread.)

A Saturday night, reservations made for 7 people for 7:00 for my daughter's birthday.

In a nutshell, the food was fabulous, the service was some of the worst I've ever encountered. Ranging from indifference to dowright hostile- did our waitress have an evil twin in the back? She initially forgot a drink, fine. 6 of us received our entrees, never said a word about the 7th. Never checked on us after we were served, never smiled, was very cold. 45 minutes after we had eaten we asked for a desert menu, she was VERY ticked off. 20 minutes later she came back and asked us if we wanted the check- no desert menu. The bussing staff were fine. There were only about 7 tables. Were we her last one? Did she just want to leave? I will never return. My husband (who is not a good tipper and generally needs my prodding to leave more, as a former waitress) left the tip. I never asked what it was, didn't care.

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  1. You said the food was fabulous but because you got a bad waitress you are never going back? That does not make sense to me. You should have complained to the manager. There is no reason for bad service and the manager will not know about it unless someone complains. Also if the food was good, I would give the place a second chance. Every restaurant has a bad night with one staff person once in a while. I would go back to see if that waitress is still there. I will bet she is not. Jay

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      You know what? You're right.
      I waited a few weeks to post this because I was ticked off, and still my emotions got the best of me.
      I will call and complain, may be a relative and will never get let go, but I would want to know if it were my restaurant.


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        Restaurant owners, as all businesses, learn more about how to get better from dissatisfied customers than from satisfied ones.

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          Yeah I also thought it may be a relative who was kind of forced to work that night or something. Glad to hear you are reconsidering. There is no excuse for bad service but that is something that is usually easily correctable. The food is usually a lot harder to change.