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Jul 30, 2013 07:17 AM


My wife and I would like to try the famous Au Pied de Cochon BUT we will be arriving in Montreal next Wednesday 8/7/13 for 4 nights and don't have/can't get a reservation and also do not eat either meat or poultry. My questions are:
1-Can you eat at the bar there without reservations? We would be happy to get there when it opens,even at 5:00.
2-Is there enough in the way of seafood and/or veggies there plus dessert to eat for us?
Thank you!

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  1. 1- You best bet is to try for a late table ( post 9pm)
    2- There are fish and seafood offerings, most of them are daily specials (with the exception of the seasonal seafood platters)

    Remember that it is a meat-centric restaurant, there might be meat based sauces and/or meat in the fish dishes.

    Personally, I would not go to APdC to just get the tomato tartlet or the blue cheese salad because you do not want to eat meat; Better spend your money (it is an expensive restaurant) on a restaurant with a better variety of food offerings.

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      Merci beaucoup, Maximillen.

      Any suggestions?

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        Le Filet ( comes to mind, they are busy, but at the moment show room for the 8th. Really top notch food. You can also look at Tasso, a modern greek on St-Denis?

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          Andiamo would be a good option as well.

      2. If you're REALLY set on going, call even the afternoon you'd like to go: they sometimes have cancellations. Otherwise try arriving at 5pm, or preferably (as Max said) after 9... I'd actually recommend closer to 10 as they'll have reservations at 10 or even 10:30. However, as Max warned, it makes little sense to go if you don't eat meat or poultry. The seafood platters are already ending their season and thus your options will be rather limited. They have enough for some pescatarians in a party of meat eaters, but it makes no sense to go if you can't eat what they do best (i.e. foie, pork, and fatty fat fat). Even their poutines use fries cooked in duck-fat, and their famous dish has foie throughout. Often pork and foie appear without warning in seemingly safe dishes, which might ruin your fun.
        As I stated on CH a few days ago, APDC used to do take-out, and maybe still does. This does not require reservations and you can take it to go on whatever day suits you best if you're still convinced you like to try them.

        Otherwise, I strongly agree that Filet is one of the top restaurants around at the moment.. a very different style from APDC but great fish and seafood with exciting preparations. Perhaps also Hotel Herman would be a good bet, as it had a fair amount of seafood on my visits.

        1. We just e-mailed the restaurant a few days ago and were able to make reservations for next Wednesday at 9 pm. Do give it a try if the other chows think you might find enough to eat.