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Jul 30, 2013 07:12 AM

Good food in Victoria

I am staying at The Empress Hotel and would like some good non-Hotel dining options nearby. Fresh seafood, italian, you name it. Thanks.

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  1. Zambri's is really great for Italian (pastas, mains, fresh, locally sourced ingredients, chic setting). Are you thinking more pizzas? Then Pizza Prima Strada is the place to go - Cook St Village (near Beacon Hill Park) if you're walking, Rock Bay location if you have a car (less line-ups, same menu). When you say "seafood" - what are you thinking of - crab? salmon? fish & chips? oysters? mussels? Fancy dinner? Or wharf edge eating? ps - we have some great hotel-based restaurants - Lure is really great, as is Aura.

    1. I am not thinking fine dining, but rather cafes, fresh local seafood and other local attractions. Thanks.

      1. We'll be staying at the Empress too - one night closer to the end of the month - please let us know what places you enjoyed within walking distance (perhaps 6 blocks or less?). Thanks! We're looking for casual/cafes also.