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Jul 30, 2013 06:22 AM

Calamansi juice/concentrate? Bklyn or Queens...

Looking to make gallons of Calamansi-ade for a party -- I didn't see the frozen juice/concentrate at Hong Kong Market in Sunset Park. Did I miss it? Where else can I look?
Also, any recs for brand/type? For instance:


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  1. Ive bought the concentrate in the past at that Southeast Asian Grocery store in Manhattan Chinatown on I think Baxter. Dont remember it from my last visit to Hong Kong Market (which has a new name now and increased freezer space on the right as you enter)

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      Thx JenKalb! Probably the place on Mosco. Frozen or shelf-stable glass bottle?

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        no, not the thai place. Think I meant Mulberry, not Mott.
        Its this place between Canal and Bayard, on the W side of the street, just up from the park.Ive bought frozen calamansi concentrate there\ and lots of other interesting stuff.

        Asia Market Corporation
        71-1/2 Mulberry Street

    2. I buy Manila Gold brand calamansi concentrate from the Phil-Am Food Mart in Woodside. It's really bright and tart, perfect for the summer.

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          thx - alas, I haven't been able to find JJ d'Jus in NYC or online. Pretty much everything I've found has sweetener added.

        2. I ended up using the shelf-stable liquid concentrate from Asia Market on Mulberry -- liked it better and easier to manage than Manila Gold frozen, which they also carry. The frozen, and also the premade drinks I tried, tastes too much like Sprite!

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