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Jul 30, 2013 05:39 AM

Duck bacon

Well last week as I was browsing Wegmans I discovered beef bacon which was enjoyable in its own beef jerky kind of way. This week I stumble upon duck bacon. It was pretty pricey so I hesitated buying it because I'm an OCD freak who likes to read way too much about new things before I buy them. It's the D'Artagnan brand if that matters. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Never tried or even seen it but...bacon and duck? How can it be bad? Please do try it and report back.

    BTW, we were out in the far western DC 'burbs on Saturday and spouse dropped by Wegman's for a coffee. He came back all excited about this miraculous place I *had* to see.

    1. Duck bacon!!?? I must get a case of that for my husband's birthday!

      I just googled and one of the Shoprite supermarkets about 20 min from me carries it priced at $10.99. How much was it at Wegmans?

      1. It's just cured duck with a process similar to duck ham (or prosciutto) but with a shorter dry time and optional smoking. I've made it; it's nice but I like the ham application better.

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          that kind of makes sense because other than right under the skin, duck is so lean

        2. I've been ordering ducks (whole and breast) from D'Artagnan's for many years. A very fine company. Their breast are some of the best. Sad to say, I did not care for their duck bacon or their dry-cured duck prosciutto. With the bacon, there's no fat running through the meat. By the time the little strip of fat on top is cooked, the meat is dry & overcooked. For me, it's just like turkey bacon.... If it's not made from pork... it's not really bacon!

          When I'm up visiting in Md, the Wegman's I go to has a huge selection of many other D'Artagnan products. I've seen the duck bacon there too.

          It's not the bacon wasn't good, it just wasn't worth the price.(On their site, D's is selling the bacon for $12.99.)

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          1. re: Phoebe

            Thanks for your thoughts on the bacon. The other review I read online seemed to have a similar opinion that if you cook it any longer than just warmed that there is such minimal fat that it becomes chewy like and is really just a slice of smoked duck breast. We must have been in the same Wegmans, I spotted the duck bacon with the rest of the D'Artagnan products near the cheese and other bacon. I did see the duck breasts. I've never made duck breast at home but from what I remember they were quite expensive and I wasn't sure if it was worth it to shell out for them but that section is stuck in my ind. There was also venison and rabbit.

            1. re: Phoebe

              Well, I guess my husband is not getting a case of duck bacon for his birthday. maybe a pound of duck fat to roast potatoes.

              1. re: Monica

                Oh no, because of the review that it's dry and overcooked? I think I'm going to pass on it too :(

                1. re: Monica

                  Monica... Give your hubby duck breast instead! D'Artagnan's are some of the tastiest. I can't remember what Wegman's was selling them for, but online @ D's- 2 (whole) breast, (4 halves) cost $41.99. Well worth the price as one half is almost enough for two people. They're very big and meaty. Soooooo easy to prepare too!

                  1. re: Phoebe

                    $42 for two whole breasts? Is duck an endangered species?

                    1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                      Yea, from what I remember the prices were pretty steep at Wegmans although I don't buy much duck so I don't know how it compres.

                      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                        D' Artagnan's ain't cheap! It's a high-end company that sells top quality products. They are well known in the food industry, especially for their duck and foie gras. Two breast = 4 halves. At a cost of $10.50 per side, each a meal itself.... I'd much rather pay the $10.50, then the $27+ charged at restaurants!!! I'm quite sure you can find cheaper. I just doubt better.

                        1. re: Phoebe

                          It looks like there is a limited number of companies that sell high-end products like foie gras and other duck products in what makes D'Artagnan better? Compare to what? I am not trying to degrade the company but I always wished there were more options. I can think of maybe one other popular company, Les trois petits cochons.

                          1. re: Monica

                            Yea it's the only company that I've come across to sell duck products at my local grocery stores.

                            1. re: Monica

                              Here's a little history about D'Artagnan and ducks...

                              D'Artagnan was founded in '85 by Ariane Daguin. Her father, a seventh generation restaurateur and famed chef, received 2 Michelin Stars for his Hotel de France. He was the first chef to cook duck like a steak (duck breast). Ariane grew up in his kitchen & knew how to debone a duck by age ten. She was an early advocate for humane & sustainable production, and at the forefront of the organic movement. Many 4 Star restaurants in America serve D's products. Their global reputation is second to none.

                              In the 1940's, there were approx 90 farms in the Long Island area. By the 1960's, it had decreased to around 60. These NY farms accounted for over 60% of the nations duck. Jurgielewicz Farms was one of the largest & last duck producers in the region. During peak production, they claimed to have raised over 1 million. In 2006, Jurgielewicz was forced to pay for the removal of decades of residue from the Forge River/Moriches Bay. After struggling for years with animal waste control problems, Jurgielewicz filed for bankruptcy in 2011. Their products are now sold under a new name, Pekin Paradise located in PA. J's is now trying to paint a pretty little picture as to why they relocated, and how "responsible" they've become. I suspect the cost of stricter regulations everywhere has forced most duck farms to close. Many moved to the Midwest. Fewer farms, less choice.

                              Duck is favorite of mine. I've sampled Maple Leaf, Culver, Hudson Valley, and a few other "no-name" brands purchased from asian specialty markets. None came close to D'Artagnan's in taste, quality or size. D'Artagnan's is definitely worth it!!!

                            2. re: Phoebe

                              Those prices are pretty high. It's a bit cheaper around here. About $8 for a one piece package the last time I looked. And a few years ago I caught a sale and picked up a half dozen at around $4 each. But I did notice that some of D'Artagnan's prices have gone up lately. It is top quality. One of the farms where they source is Hudson Valley Foie Gras. An excellent farm.

                              1. re: JMF

                                Totally agree about the high prices. D'Artagnan's prices have gone up a few times in recent years. (Whose haven't?) Unfortunately, I don't have a Wegman's in the area I live, so I have to rely on D'Artagnan's mail order. They have frequent sales, even offering free s&h on occasion. (That's when I really stock up.)

                    2. I'm going to look for some, can't wait to try it.

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                      1. re: treb

                        Please do report back. I can't help thinking about it so might just have to go for it as well abd buy some on my usual Friday trip to wegmans.

                        1. re: fldhkybnva

                          fla... If you decide to bite the bullet and buy the duck bacon, please report back. Very curious to hear what others think.