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Jul 30, 2013 05:23 AM

Scala's Bistro or Farallon? [San Francisco]

Please recommend or comment. Thanks

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  1. I have enjoyed Scala's Bistro in the past but it has been a couple of years since I have been and not since Jennifer Beisty left the kitchen.

    The pizza is decent but nothing special. I have had good salads and while I don't see it on the menu they typically have heirloom tomato salad this time of year.

    The linguine & clams is very good and quite large. Their portions tend to be on the larger size. I have also had the orecchiette which was good as well but I prefer the linguine & clams. Their seafood tends to be good as well, like the Sea Bass.

    Their desserts are also well executed.

    When I have gone in the past I skip the primi and usually get either a pasta or secondi/entree and dessert. If hungry then split a salad before the pasta/secondi course.

    I haven't been to Farallon so can not comment.

    1. Farallon is one of the better seafood restaurants in the city and I like their slightly whimsical decor. Scala's is, in my experience, just a fairly average restaurant that is not particularly interesting, but may be convenient if you are near Union Square. One of Scala's former chefs opened his own place, Perbacco, where the food is way better than anything I've ever had at Scala's and while not at Union Square, it's not super far.

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        Thanks for the comments.
        I already have a reservation at Perbacco.
        So Farallon it is!
        Thanks again.

      2. Both places get lots of tourists because of their locations. I go to Scala's fairly often with older relatives, pre-theater. I enjoy the moules frites, the risotto (or is it "risotto"?) and the salads that show up as specials. Seldom get the pizza. I like the space, but it can get noisy. I've only been to happy hour at Farallon.