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Jul 30, 2013 05:03 AM

Saturday Night in Tallahassee

I'm going up to Tallahassee Saturday for an afternoon wedding. Is there any place in central Tallahassee I can get a good, decently priced late night diner?

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  1. Masa on N. Monroe and 3rd Av. Everything I've had is right on.

    1. Also Cypress on East Tennessee or the Shula's at the Hotel Duval, if you're near Monroe and Tennessee. Avenue Eat Drink (kitchen open til 10P) next to the Doubletree. Or One/One on West College (open til 2 AM) a block or so down from AED.

      If by Central Tallahassee, you mean up near MidTown, try the Front Porch on Thomasville and 5th Street.

      1. Cypress would be my first choice.
        There's also Mockingbird on N. Monroe.